Hobo Flats

Line-up included

  • Jim Warhurst - lead/rhythm
  • Leslie Crompton - lead/rhythm
  • Bev Moss - vocals
  • Ron Mitchell - bass
  • Pete Simensky - drums




When the Dark Four split, now renamed, The Dark Four + One [Josh Hannah) it left myself and Bev Moss, we fulfilled our bookings with Tony Danson on bass. No drummer, standins occasionaly but most playing on a 1-3 which is naff !

Our manager at the time was Austin Williams and he had good work lined up on the Mecca circuit. So word got around and had a jam with The Meteors as I think their vocalist had left. This lineup was Jim Warhurst and myself, sharing lead rhythmn, Bev Moss,vocals, Ron Mitchell, bass and Pete Simensky on drums.

Jim Warhurst left, so that left the four of us. Austin bought a clapped out Morris van and with a mattress in the back provided transport and accomodation! Eat your heart out Dolly Parton.

We did a lot gigs for Mecca - Ashton Palais, Ice rinks in Birmingham and Altrinchham, etc. It took us 6hrs to drive up to Whitehaven once for a couple of gigs at a holiday camp. BnB thrown in. Halcyon days.

Bev left to join a band called Three Speed Walking Stick, so we went our separate ways.

Can't remember the next band. George Hudson Vocals (later to form Slack Alice). I eventually joined Wild Silk and went on to tour France and Beirut - iIt was us who blew the airport up not the Israelis! Good old days no wonder we were never bored.

Hope this will assist and keep up the good work on this formative time for British Music.

Leslie Crompton - 26/9/11 

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