The Hornets (Stalybridge)

Line-Up included

  • Tim Coleman - vocals
  • Keith Owen - guitar
  • Graham Evans - drums
  • Mick Coleman - bass/vocals 
  • Alan Cottam - drums, replaced Graham


Mick & Tim Coleman were in a group called the Beezers. They met drummer Graham Evans after he placed an advert in the Manchester Evening News, and they met in the Queens pub in Ashton.

While they were rehearsing upstairs, the band downstairs hadn't turned up.

The landlord asked them to come down and play, which they did, doing "Twist & Shout", "Bebop a Lula", "Sweets for my Sweet", and "I Saw Her Standing There", over and again for the next two hours, as that was all they knew. 

Tim Coleman

I remember the Hornets playing Ashton Palais every Saturday afternoon.

My mates and I were teenagers then, and we thought they were fantastic! (I still do!!!) I remember them as a three-piece, though, and their rendition of 'the joint was rockin' was the best I have ever heard.

Thanks, lads. Because of you I went on to play in several bands both locally and further afield, and still jam with other band members occasionally.

Martyn Atkinson

I joined The Hornets early 1965 from The Bushmen replacing Graham Evans who went on to join Fitz n Startz. 

Alan Cottam - 28/4/09

I worked with Mick Coleman at Dolans cardboard box factory Stalybridge mid 60s. I also worked part time as a roadie for various local bands with my old Bedford van, when the Hornets van broke down I got the job of driving them around. They were a very busy band at the time. I really enjoyed thier music so it was a pleasure to drive for them, a great bunch of lads.

So pleased when Mick hit the charts years later with Matchstalk Men.

The Hornets inspired me enough to go on stage as a singer/guitarist with bands duo & solo work right up to this day.

Thanks for the guitar lessons & the gob horn tuning tips Mick!!!!! 

Geoff Kershaw - 6/6/11

A Hornets photo has just turned up from Graham Evans (below) . Graham was the original drummer with the Hornets, along with Mick Coleman (bass), Mick's brother Tim (vocals), & Keith Owen (guitar).

Graham & Mick then joined me in the Pathfinders, who had become the Fat Sound, who became The Big Sound after we started to back Karol Keyes, who didn't like the word 'Fat'.

Then of course Mick & me became the 'Matchstalk Men'.

So we now have a full circle.

Tim has joined Mick & me, with my brother Nigel on drums. We met up with Graham a few weeks ago who has donated us a 200w H&H PA system he had hanging around at his place for a year or two or more!.

Kevin Parrott - 26/2/12

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