The Images (Eccles)


  • Chris Benson - lead
  • Dave Benson -  
  • Roly Hadfield - bass (dec'd)
  • Brian Caldwell - drums

There was another good group from Eccles called The Images who I think still do a show at the The Queens Arm, Green Lane, Patricroft. They used to be resident at The Rainbow Rooms, Patricroft and then onto The Talk of the North till late. I myself used to stand in occasionally with them.

Roy Mozley - 28/8/11

Thanks Roy for plugging a group who were probably Eccles's first! I enjoyed a couple of stand-ins with them and found them to be very accomplished. ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE.

Mozze the bass - 28/10/11

Did you know that it was me who first set up the live group nights at the Rainbow Skating Rink? What nights they were with less than accomplished skaters threatening to do your gear in, simply by taking the wrong way!

Mozze - 28/2/12
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