• John Titley - bass
  • Graham Moores - lead
  • Roy Pickford - drums
  • Ron Williams - rhythm
  • Howard Torson - guitar (replaced Ron)
  • Derek Foley - guitar (replaced Howard)
  • Dave Buckle - drums (replaced Roy)

Graham Moores came from The Admirals - Stockport group 1963-66, four members.

Roy Pickford & John Titley came from the Spots - Stockport group 1964-66. 

Ron Williams joined The Impact from The Starlites who were the resident group at The Starlite Rooms in Rusholme.

Group changed its name to Grisby Dyke in Nov 1968.

In Aug 1969, Graham Moores and John Titley left Grisby Dyke and reformed the Impact with Mick Gilbourne on drums.

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