The Irwells

info courtesy Pete Oliver

  • John Parker 
  • Liam Morris 
  • Ronnie Grundy - Bass guitar
  • Steve Barnes 
  • Pete Oliver - Drums 


The Irwells were probably the first band to headline on the front page of the Manchester Evening News - remarkable publicity at the time (1966).  We could even boast Mike Sweeney as a part time roadie.

I was the only pro in the band receiving 12 pound a week while the others were still at college.

We even had 2 Ford Thames vans plus a yellow zephyr convertable - flash b******s.

The Lindale in Eccles was our stomping ground plus the Gaytime in Salford, which I managed - booking Billy J Kramer, St Louis Union, Outrage, Black Cat Bones and Small Faces for 40 pounds each.

Pete Oliver


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