Kathy and the Boleros (Little Hulton 1962-63)


  • Kathy Barnwell - vocals
  • Jack Whitehead - guitar
  • Kenny Beddoes - guitar
  • Harry Beddoes - bass
  • Jim - drums 
  • Geoff Parkinson - bass (replaced Harry)
  • Jim Brierley - vocals

Kathy and the Boleros was formed by Jack Whitehead and Kenny Beddoes in Little Hulton in the early 60s and proved to be a very busy band.

The equipment line up was very impressive with Jack Whitehead alone possessing a pink Strat, Vox AC30 super twin (with the separate head and top boost) and a Binson Echorec 2.

Kenny Beddoes had a Fender Dousonic and a Selmer Selectertone amp and Copycat.

Original bass player Kenny's brother Harry had a pink Fender Jazz bass and Selmer Croc bass combo and the drummer whose name was Jim, had a Stratford kit. I have never seen one of these since.

Kathy Barnwell completed the line up on vocals.

When Harry left I replaced him on bass and Jim Brierley was a later addition as male vocalist.

We did the usual round of church halls, talent contests, weddings, corporate doos and the obligatory Ward and Goldstones gig. In 1964 I left to form the Blue Chips and later joined the Gonx and Outrage.

The Boleros changed their name and became a 3 piece with Brian Grant on drums. He later joined Hells Angels.

Geoff Parkinson
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