The Missing Links (Oldham)



  • Pete Brown 
  • Trevor Carter - vocals
  • Roly Charnock - drums
  • Tony Gardner 
  • Pete Walker

We formed The Missing Links and played at Chadderton Youth Club in the sixties.

We had a massive fan club organised by our Manager, Jimmy Print. He had a printing company and he put our Photo on 5,000 T-Shirts all of which we sold at gigs. I'd like to know does anyone still have a Missing Links T -SHIRT ?

Pete Brown, our songwriter, married Anna Bergman, she was a daughter of Ingmar Bergman the Film Director. He'd wake up and find a short note saying "See you soon, Honey, had to nip off to Hollywood, Filming for a while" Funny eh?. Pete wrote some great songs for Trev Carter to sing.

I once or twice bribed fans to rip Trev's shirt off while he was half way through a number. We all enjoyed that. The group played at Oldham's first outdoor concert in Alexandra Park and it didn't rain.

My first group was with Pete Mclaine as The Drovers, later The Four Teens.

The Missing Links were on the bill with The Kinks at The Empire on Sunday 25th October 1964 and on Sunday 8th Nov; with The Swinging Blue Jeans. Centre Circle 7/6d , Good Value. More Later Thanks. 

Pete Walker - 14/11/12

I remember seeing the Missing Links with the Kinks at the Empire. I was 14 and my dad knew the stage manager so I got to watch the show from the wings. It was fantastic. About three years later I bought my first Gibson guitar off one of the guitarists in the Missing Links. I can't remember the guys name but I think he lived on Mough Lane, Chadderton. It was a cherry SG and my dad paid £65 for it sometime around 1967. It would be worth a pretty penny today if our roadie hadn't dropped it and snapped the neck off!!!!

Alan Mills - 21/11/12

Hi Alan, thanks for the info; on the GibsonS.G. I bought it from Stock & Chapman, Oxford St; M/c and paid 160 Guineas for it. I loved that guitar to BITS!!! Nasty Roadie!! I couldn't remember where it ever went to. It was Kirby Ave; near Mough Lane where you and your Dad came to to buy it. 

For years I sang and played as Leroy and Linda with Maureen my lovely wife. We were pro from '68 to '83. We eventually opened a guitar shop in Portsmouth Hants, P Js Guitar Store until' 2004 when we sold it.

We now play again as "The Cash Collection" with a 3 man Band. Trevor Fry on pedal steel and Telecaster, Nobby Glover on drums and the brilliant Tom Kent playing bass (look Tom up on Youtube) The Missing Links years were great playing alongside Top Bands. In the book "The Man Who Said No To The Beatles" by Pete Maclain of The Dakotas, and of the Clan, are pictures of my younger days with Pete and The Drovers.Then later, as The 4Teens, we made one record at Johnny Roadhouse Music Shop on Oxford St; M/c 

Pete Walker - 9/2/13

Hi Alan, I always wondered what became of my GIBSON S.G. Now I know !!! Sorry to hear of the accident it had, hope you got over it ok.

Pete Walker - 20/4/13

Dated Peter Brown through Hollings College. Can remember some good times at the pub in Oldham, he ditched me for a film star !!!! UHMM!!! Great to see your web page I was reminiscing here in Canada.

Pat Bollans - 24/10/13

Hi It's Pete Walker again. Canada eh? yeah Pete Brown dated you, did you get a Missing Links T-Shirt; (I bet you did; Lucky Girl).

We all loved that Group, we had some good fun (fun? In Oldham!!!)yeah it's amazing to look back to all those years ago. Pete #And all the boys from the band.

Pete Walker - 1/12/13

Still waiting for my missing links t shirt. Where are the rest of the links these days?

Pat Bollans - 2/3/14
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