Oliver's Twist (Burnage)


  • Ian Anderson - guitar, organ
  • Harry Green - bass
  • Dave Tommins - vocals
  • Martin - drums
  • Dave Brockbank - lead guitar

Hey Guys, I found this site by accident, WOW!! Memories are hurtling back. I was the vocalist in "Oliver's Twist" with Ian "Andy" Anderson back in the mid/late 60's.

Reading about those old venues & musos around Salford & Manchester - Fantastic!

I've been living in Jo'Burg South Africa for the last 28 years, still working as a muso, mainly as a one or two piece band (depends on who's available & when) the music never leaves you. I'd love to get in touch with any of the people that remember me (Dave Tommins on Facebook) is Harry Green still around? or Dave Brockbank? Andy will know I'm sure.

We had some phenomenal times back then, that I would love retrace with anyone that's still around.

I was also in the original Boston Sect, I can tell you how & where we came up with the name. (We were sort of apprentices of Nidge of the Factotums, who was also based in Fairfield Square, Droylsden.) The manager of the Chuckles told me to change it because it sounded to “Bluesy”

Also encouraged Chris Neil to join the Petals which became the Chuckles when the manager took over.

I was also mates with Wolf Montgomery, Dave Foulkes & Derek Carr of the original Strictly for Cash, they evolved from being the resident musicians & compere at the New Russell Club in Hulme. The memories are flooding back, but it’s 2.00am, have to continue another time.

Best Regards

Dave Tommins - 1/6/11

I used to live in Burnage round the corner to Ian and Harry and occasionally travelled with them in their van to gigs. The funniest group ever. Their gigs were excellent. What I remember most were the girls who also went with them in the van. My life!

Alan Jackson - 12/5/12

FURKIN HELL I'm still here. Why furkin hell when u can w**k in paradise?.  Will post some dreadful smut about the dreadful people who were in this bunch of to***rs, MY LOVELY MATES !!!!.  This will be soon ,just got to learn how to use this machine. Wikileaks got Nutin on me Baby. 

Love to ALL,

Harry The Fuerk. XXXX - 30/9/12

OLIVERS TWIST started with an ad in the M/cr Evening News Jan 1966, "top line group requires Bass guitarist". 

The group was The Esquires, and it was ANDY, MARTIN, LES, DAVE, an CHARLIE (who the Fwerk was Charlie?). I got the job cos I was the only applicant, and we were sh*ite (did'nt even get a sh*g). 

We split and Andy, Martin and I met up with Dave T, and Dave B, and after nearly 4 years of debauchery, delinquency and drugfrequency, we became totally undiscovered apart from being experienced shagofficers. We did play some songs as well, when no girls were available, and we had A GAS (sometimes too smelly, ask Dave Tommins bout that). 

We all went in other bands and I think we all caused havoc and blamed it on our past situation (bastards,it was nothing to do with me!). 

Sad bit is that we lost Martin some years ago, but he knows I'm still gonna get him some day X. 

THANKS TO PAUL MOONARSE (always called him that) for setting up this site, I hope I can stay in touch with a very important part of our lives, and I promise I wont tell too many compromising secrets (might tell a few) - bet that sets some arses twitchin! Love U Pals XX. 

Harry (the Fwuerk) Greene XX - 12/10/12
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