Pete Maclaine and the Clan / Dakotas

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Line-ups included

Pete Maclaine and the Dakotas

  • Pete Maclaine (Whetton) - Vocals
  • Bryn Jones - Lead Guitar
  • Robin Macdonald - Rhythm Guitar
  • Tony Bookbinder - Drums
  • Ian Fraser - Bass Guitar 
  • Brian Hodgkinson - replaced Ian on bass
  • Ray Jones - replaced Brian on bass 

Pete Maclaine and the Clan has included

  • Pete Whetton - vocals
  • Pete Bocking - lead
  • Brian Day - bass
  • John Hynes - drums
  • Fuzz - lead
  • Bernie Byrnes - drums
  • Stuart Syrett - lead
  • Brendan Day - drums
  • Max Beasley snr - drums 
  • Rick Henshaw - drums

Pete Maclaine and the Clan 2006

  • Pete Whetton - vocals
  • Gerry McLaughin - lead
  • Dave Barrow - bass
  • Steve Gibson - drums
  • Graham Attwood - sax 

Pete Maclaine and the Dakotas debut at the Cavern.
The band is the first Manchester outfit to play the club.

Pete Maclaine and the Clan perform at the Cavern.

After Pete left the Dakotas, he started up a new band. Decca records would later release the group's only single entitled "Yes I Do" / "U.S. Mail" (1963).

Also making an appearance on this date at the Cavern, Gerry and the Pacemakers.


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I played drums with Pete MacClaine and the Clan in the late 1960s. Circa 1968/69.

I can remember topping the bill at Denos Club in Manchester and we played Batley Variety Club and the Offerton Palace amongst other top venues. It was a great act and we did some comedy as well.

One evening on our way back from Batley Variety Club (now the Frontier), Pete and I were driving home late when a police officer stopped us on the moors with a lantern. Goodness knows how he got there.

He perhaps thought we were up to no good but when he found out who Pete was he asked for his autograph. Pete promptly supplied a pic of the band ... donned his signature and off we set back to Manchester. I wonder if someone still has that autograph? Great Times.

Rick Henshaw

Ask Pete about the four in the morning starts - humping bags of potatoes on Smithfield Market then leaving there at 0845 to open the Pygmalia boutique in town [back of Top of the Town] and still find time to sing in the evening. Stardom doesn't come cheap - he earnt every penny.

Mickey Rooney

I worked at the Willows Variety Centre when Pete was the compere and resident with the Christy Band. I used to be a waiter. Richard Gibson was the manager, It was a great place to work in those days Pete always did a great job, everybody worked hard and Pete made sure all the customers had a great night.

I still have a record Pete made on the Willows label. Best wishes Pete - many happy memories.

Ron Staton

I remember we were top billing at the "Broadway" in Failsworth. We were "Sweet Dreams" with Polly Brown (ex Pickettywitch). Our support was Cannon and Ball, and Pete was compere.

Happy days!

Rob Parkes

Prior to changing our name from the Zodiacs to The Confederates, we used to go the the North Reddish Working Men's Club during the week (I think it was Wednesday night) to watch Pete Maclaine and The Clan.

We tried to see how the group played chords and learned a lot from them! We thought they were brilliant and were surprised when Pete was no longer with them and as I remember, Billy J. Kramer joined and the group became The Dakotas.

I seem to remember Pete opening a boutique in Mersey Square, Stockport and we bought some of our clothes from there. Great days and miss them terribly.

Les Marsden

Pete and the Clan obviously travelled far and wide in the '60s, heading what was then a must place to play - Hoylake YMCA. Charlie Tranter had an eye for groups outside the Merseyside area and often booked Pete and the Clan along with The Country Gentlemen and the Four Just Men.

It wasn't easy for the Manchester groups playing alongside the 'big' Liverpool groups but these three did it.

Dave Bond

Pete - unlike a lot of us who left and came back - has never gone away, THANK GOD.

The music scene may well have changed and the venues we play a bit thin on the ground now but the 50s and 60s music scene remains as popular as ever thanks to guys like Pete and his superb line up.

I quite often pop into the Nursery Inn on a Sunday evening for a shot of Pete and the boys, My son who is usually with me still can't believe you can walk into a local pub and listen to bands of such quality without having to pay a fortune at some box office. May the pub scene last forever.

David Roylance - The Classics Band - 28/2/09

Hey - You have forgotten me!

I replaced Stuart Syrett in 86, and played as a Clan-Man till 88, when I joined Freddie & the Dreamers - the gigs started to clash - BUT the dosh was better!

When I joined it was Pete, Bernie Burns on drums, Atty on sax and Albie Sayers on bass. For a reason unbeknown to me, Dave Barrow replaced Albie.

We were resident at the Boars Head for 2 years and then the landlord moved, to the Bulls Head across the Market Square, and the band followed him (Phil - with a limp - passionate about nice posh watches!) at this time.

Gerry McGlaughlin replaced me, due to my Freddie commitments. Occasionally, I depped and the drummer was either Max Beasley snr, or Brendan Day, so Bernie Burns had gone. Brendan was very busy with The Steve Gibbons band.

I have some photos - help appreciated how to upload, and I have 2 or 3 live gigs on cassete!! Any advice welcome. Hello to old the old chaps who manage to read this.

Fuzz. now a Daktota!!!! Stardom................!!!!!!!

Fuzz - 6/2/10

Ron Staton's message reminded me of my time working at The Willows in Salford. I worked there for quite a number years and saw a number of comperes and resident bands come and go I remember Pete and the lads and I can honestly say I never got tired of listening to them. They were the best.

I remember one night talking to Pete at the end of the bar about one of my favourite songs they had just done and he seemed impressed I knew the song and that Johnnie Allan recorded it. That song was Chuck Berry's 'Promised Land'. I always wanted to have a go at singing it but was too embarrased to ask Pete if I could. I will never know if he would have let me.

I'll have to go and see them in Stockport some time. Great times. All the best Pete.

Tom Hayes - 6/6/10

I was playing my guitar at Chadderton Youth Club , when a good looking 17 year old asked me if I knew any Elvis numbers. I said I`d try and onto the stage stepped Pete Whetton to WOW all the kids in the room.

We advertised for a drummer and along came Tony Bookbinder to join us.The rest as they say is history. Hope this is of interest to all Pete`s friends up there in Manchester.

PS Does Pete remember playing at THE BODEGA CLUB on Deansgate with "THE HILLBILLY BANDITS" in 1959? I`ve got photos to prove it.

Peter Walker - 25/1/11 

As I'm not a Stockport Lad, I came across Pete and the Lads later in the 80s I think,playing at the Bulls Head in the Market Place, Stockport,and I was pleasantly surprised to see how good they were, and what a showman Pete is.

Later in the early 2000's when Pete was ill I was asked to stand in for him one weds night and and much to pleasure I survived the night and I hope,did reasonably well.They asked me again but I said no thanks as you are too bloody noisy, LOL ,and I didn't think my nerves would take it.

I just want to say what a great band of survivors they are and long may they continue.

Keep rockin'guys

Kit Black - 3/3/12

Just arrived back from a week in Corfu where I met Pete on a beach and had great chat about the 60's music scene. His stories gave me, a non musician an amazing insight to Bands, Songs and many of my musical heroes from that era.

Pete's knowledge and memories from that time will entertain any 60's music fanatic for hours.

Great to catch up long may Pete and the band continue.

Mike Travers - 18/09/12

A Night with Pete Maclaine 

The night featured two bands - 'Stretch Band' comprising Graham Lee, Tommy Unthank, Roy Smithson and ANO (Bassist but not sure of his name) - as you would expect,a good performance of 60's classics from seasoned musicians.

Pete Maclaine and the Clan (Gerry McLaughlin, Graham Attwood, Dave Barrow, and Brendan Day). What can you say - class is timeless and Pete put on a show that was up with the best! All the tunes from so long ago but sounding as fresh as ever from a band that was right on the money! Not surprising the crowd were up and dancing, live music - you can't knock it!

A great night of nostalgia - Mrs H couldn't believe that I once did this.

Alan Herricks - 23/5/13


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