Phil J Corbett and The Coasters

info courtesy of Arty Davies

Line-up #1

  • Phil J Corbett - Vocals
  • Colin Turner - Lead
  • Dave Keith - Bass
  • Mike Sloan - Drums
  • Roger Lewis - Tenor Sax

Line-up #2

  • Phil J Corbett - Vocals
  • Colin Turner - Lead
  • Geoff Workman - Bass
  • Ian Lucas - Drums
  • Roger Lewis - Tenor Sax


"Somewhere about halfway through the life of the Fourtones, I seem to remember a short break when Pete Bocking, Derek Quinn and myself joined up with Alan Gracie (drums) and Phil Corbet (vocals). The group was called Phil Corbett and the Coasters, but only survived for a couple of months or so, then it was back to The Fourtones. "

John (Butch) Mepham

I lost contact with Phil many years ago and I'm sure if Phil and the Coasters had have stayed together, they would have been up there with The Beatles, as they where Great. I loved going to Stockport Town Hall on a Saturday nights when you where on, as you where all fantastic, what a great time it was in History, never to be forgotten, not by me anyway.

Ann (Formerly Hopkins) Sanderson - 6/2/12



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