The Plantations (aka LOVIN' FEELING)

Band members included:

  • Eddie and Eve Wilkie (vocals)
  • Ty (Eve's brother) (vocals)
  • Tony Hennessey (guitar)
  • Dave Balfe (guitar)
  • Paul Ashford (drums)
  • Tony Lingard (bass)
  • Bob Kenyon (bass)
  • Steve Peberdy (Guitar) 

Gigs remembered include:

Algeria for short tour, then pro in UK for a short time, lots of gigs in Cumbria and the North east, Top Hat Club (Spennymoor) - almost every weekend, Clan Bar (FooFoos) and a lot of gay places, remember playing the Rembrandt upstairs....scary place!!


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Heathrow Airport 1973

Studio shot 1974





Plantations Party - Algeria 1973
L to R Tony Lingard, Paul Ashford (with unknown friend!) Steve Peberdy,
Eve & Eddie Wilkey,
(Guy in the front is unknown...nobody knew who he was.
Local Taxi driver we think !!!)

Plantations waiting in the van in London prior to flying out to Algeria 1972, Steve Peberdy is grinning...he obviously didn't know what was to follow!!







Plantations - 1974
L to R Tony Lingard, Eddie, drummer?, Eve, Terry ?(ex Art Nouveau)

Cire publicity shot - 1975
L to R... ???, Eve, Tony Lingard, Eddie Wilkey, Dave Balfe


Plantations Re-union
July 2002 at the Stage Door pub, next to Palace Theatre Oxford Rd




Includes: Bob Daisley, Ty, Tony Hennsessy, Eddie, Tony Lingard, Eve, Bob Kenyon, Dave Balfe



Tony models the new Plantations merchandise

Tony met up with Eddie and Eve at Venice beach in LA
"They are exactly the same personna as they were 40 years ago!! Eddie is now 76 and Eve 72...bloody amazing!"


2016 Plantations Re-union
July 2002 at the Stage Door pub, next to Palace Theatre Oxford Rd



Last Thursday at the Bulls Head pub, near Piccadilly impromptu meeting with Eddie and Eve was arranged. What we didn't expect was about 30 people arrived including about 10 ex members!

Here are the names I can recall apart from Me, Eddie and Eve.....Ty, Dave Balfe, Tony Hennessy, Bob Kenyon, Paul Drums...
Eddie is 79 and Eve 75!!!!

Tony Lingard




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