The Principals (Salford)


Pete ? - bass

Ernie Avalon - rhythm

Judd Williams - lead

Dave Anderton - drums

Dave Baldwin - vocals


At some stage, memory evades me, The BeatLeague morphed into The Principals. It could have been when the finest bass guitarist in Salford/Manchester, Terry Irvine, joined The Good Guys.

The drummer at this point had become a man of the world and loved adulation of being on stage and applause of an audience.

The group carried on playing most venues in the Salford Metropolis but gigged further afield, most notably Blackpool.

We frequently played The Foxhall Vaults on the Golden Mile, The Gasworks Social Club (I kid you not) and another workmens club whose name evades me (probably due to age).

Was totally amazed when our beloved Webmaster Mr Paul Mlynarz (I think the man deserves an MBE for services rendered to music) recently forwarded me an e-mail from a young lady by the name of Sandra.

Sandra is the sister of Dave Balwin, the vocalist. I havent seen Dave or Sandra for 23 years. Sandra found the MB website purely by chance and couldn't believe that there, staring at her, was her brother Dave and the rest of The Principals.

Sandra, Dave and I have been speaking on the phone over the last couple of nights so another major reunion is on the cards. To say they were both gob smacked is an understatement.

Another major coup for Mr Mlynarz in reuniting old friendships.

Dave Anderton - proud Salfordian but now honorary Rochdalian - 5/6/10


Had a brilliant night on Friday 4th Feb 2011.
Met up with three of my old Salford Technical High School mates from the early 1960's.

Mike Amatt contacted me about 10 months ago. Hadn't seen Mike for 46 years since leaving school until Friday 17th December 2010 when we met again to renew our old friendship and reminisce shool days and groups we were in over the years. What a brilliant night that was.

Mike was in a group called The Rogues (on website) when we were at school.They carried on and later became "Sunshine".He has also been in Mike Sweeney & The Thunderbirds, Wayne Fontanas Mindbenders and many more groups over the years.

Anyway, Mike said he would arrange another night with some of our old school pals and musicians he has kept in touch with over the years.
Friday night 4th February was the night!

I arrived at Mike's at 7.00pm and one of the lads, Diccon Hubbard, was already there. We were both gob smacked to see each other again after a lifetime. Amazing! Diccon was in The Rogues & The Thunderbirds with Mike. They also gigged as The Mindbenders during the 80's.
Then Brent Forbes, turned up. Again, amazing to see each other after leaving Salford Tech in the mid 1960's. Brent was also in The Rogues. 


At about 8.30pm, another old friend of theirs, Geoff Foot arrived. I was amazed when Geoff walked in.

Geoff fronted a 60's Salford group called The Chasers (on MB website) when he was younger and has been in many groups over the years. He has been in Hermans Hermits for over 20 years.

Last saw Geoff and spoke to him at a "Chasers" gig in Manchester in 1967.

Check the photo. Looking at it from the left is Brent, Diccon holding the 1965 poster of The Rogues, myself Dave Anderton and Geoff Foot on the right.

A brilliant night! A night to remember. I didn't leave until 2.00am in the morning.

Dave Anderton (The BeatLeague & The Principals) - 15/2/11


 How about this photo taken in a local bar on the Costa Blanca? The man in the middle has still got a great voice and style that will outshine any of the present day "stars". Still a major attraction.

On the left, looking at photo, is myself Dave Anderton. On the right is my grandaughter, Kate. She is a big fan of my good friend in the centre and loves to watch and listen to him performing.

Yes, for all you music afficionados and lovers of the best of 60's pop culture, If you haven't already guessed it's non other than WAYNE FONTANA.

Wayne still sings numbers in the style and arrangements they were originally done. He doesn't play around and murder them. He sings songs as they were meant to be sung and his voice and style is quite amazingly unique.

What a brilliant performer he still is.

Dave Anderton - Drummer in The BeatLeague and The Principals - 28/11/11







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