The Raging Storms 

Line-up included 

  • Dave Pilling - lead guitar
  • Keith O'Connell - organ
  • Bill Atkinson - drums
  • Albert Park - bass
  • Lou Stonebridge - vocals
  • Geoff Wills - drums 

Lineup was Alan Kendall on lead guitar and backing vocals, Keith O'Connell on Hammond organ, Bill Atkinson on drums (who I believe sadly passed away about 4 years ago) and a bass player and lead vocalist whose name I have never known. (Maybe someone can help me out here).

When the band split, Keith O'Connell went off to London and finished up with Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band and Alan Kendall finished up in the States with the Bee Gees at the time they brought out the music for Saturday Night Fever with another well known keyboard player from the North (possibly Wynder K. Frogg?) and I believe he's still with Barry Gibb who's apparently given him a share of the royalies for long and faithfull service.

There's no photos but maybe someone who new the band at that time could possibly help us out.

Keith Fawcett - 15/3/12

Keyboards was Blue Weaver from Amen Corner (also used their drummer)

Paul (webmaster)

Bass player for Raging Storms was Albert Parks. Kendall also played with Chris Ryan. Kendall, O'Connell and Atkinson formed Glass Menagerie with Golly Stonbridge from Bury. He sang with Dominators from Whitewell Bottom, Rossendale. 

Bryan Ferrell - 17/7/12

Alan Kendall did not play with The Raging Storms. The lead guitarist's name was something like Alan Tattersall, but I can't be sure. The bass player's name was Albert Park, not Parks. The vocalist was Lou Stonebridge. Bill Atkinson left the band in April 1967 to join Alan Kendall and bass player John 'Megs' Medley in a Hendrix-style trio called The Sisters Of Idle Dreams.

I played drums with The Raging Storms from April to June 1967, and then another drummer, whose name I forget, took over. The band broke up after a week at the 400 Ballroom in Torquay during Summer 1967. Keith O'Connell did not play a Hammond with the band - he had a Farfisa.

Stonebridge, O'Connell and Atkinson joined Alan Kendall and John Medley to form Glass Menagerie in August 1967. Bill Atkinson later played with Mogul Thrash, a band formed by James Litherland from Jon Hiseman's Colosseum. They later became the Average White Band. Atkinson sadly passed away many, possibly twenty, years ago; I can't remember the exact date.

Geoff Wills - 8/8/12

Couldn't find Warm Dust on your site but just a word to tell everybody that knew him, Les Walker, ex The Hurt from Burnley and ex Warm Dust with Paul Carrack, sadly passed away on the 26th of December. Condoleaces to all his family and freinds. Keith Fawcett ex The Hurt.

Keith Fawcett 30/12/12

FYI - The lead guitarist was Dave Pilling and Keith O'Connell did swap his Farfisa keyboards for Hammond organ and the final gig for this line up of The Raging Storm was at The Playboy Club in London's Park Lane. 

The Glass Menagerie, as an entity, overlapped the Raging Storms by a few months, whilst the existing members honoured their existing contracts following Albert Park & Dave Pilling decisions to leave the band. 

Neither Alan Kendal or John Megson ever played as a Raging Storm, both were recruited on lead and bass respectively to complete the transition of the band into becoming the Glass Menagerie. The transition was to take the band totally away from its soul music roots, which caused Keith O'Connell to follow his ex band mates and make an exit from the band.

This left Ian Stonebridge to take over the keys as well as lead vocals. The new direction and change of style was very short lived, and The Glass Menagerie had completely disbanded within a few months.


In the above pic from left to right Keith O'Connell, organ; Bill Atkinson (behind Keith), Drums; Albert Park, bass; Dave Pilling, lead & Ian (Lou) Stonebridge, vocals.

Albie Park - Beat Up Music - 23/10/13




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