Sad Soul (Bredbury)

Line up included 

  • Kevin Brown-Seisey - vocals
  • Pete Norrey - guitar
  • Jonny Pevitt - drums
  • Andrew Tanner - keyboards
  • Phil Walsh - drums
  • Tony Hamilton - bass
  • Dennis Brennan - drums
  • David Williams - lead guitar
  • Chris Gent - sax
  • Bo - keyboards

sad soul

Peter Norrey (Lead Guitarist),
Kevin Brown - Seisay (lead vocals), Tony Hamilton (Bass),
BO (keyboards),
Phil Walsh (Drums)
Chris Gent (Sax) is not in this picture. 


I used to be the keyboard player. Phil Walsh played drums, the singer's name escapes me. We practiced in a pub in Marple? Hell my memory is crap........but it is 40 years ago. Not sure if my brother played bass?

Andrew Tanner - 19/7/09

My very good pal Kevin Seisey was the singer, and they were from Rosehill in Marple. They used to rehearse in a little stone building that Marple Brass band used next to the Navigation pub on Stockport road.

Kevin was to appear later on the tv program O.T.T. with all the old members of Tiswas.

Rod Dickson - 14/1/10

I played drums with the band, Kev Seisey (singer) a great front man, Pete Norrey (guitar), I remember playing the Elizabethan Ballroom, Belle Vue.

Pete and I played with Here and Now in Germany 1971 we toured the American forces bases, other members were Michelle Newbury (keyboards), Loz Timperley (bass), Sandy ?(singer), Rick ?(R/Guitar), Steve ?(singer), sorry must go, matron's on her way round.

Jonny Pevitt - 3/3/10

Sad Soul! The line up you have here must be a later one. 

The rehearsal place was the Marple Brass Band building. I lived in Bramhall, next door to their drummer Dennis Brennan - a Who fan, who was a hairdresser.

I used to go out "on the road" with them around Manchester - Sloopy's, Warmingham Grange, Top Ten, Belle Vue, the Tabernacle in Stockport, various youth clubs in Stockport and also a place - I think a bar in Hyde.

This would be about 1967-68. They had a bass player at one time called Tony at one time (can't recall his surname but he was a big guy who would open the show with James Brown's 'I Feel Good' who designed the band's logo; there was also sax player who sometimes played - a genuine US black guy called Bo who lived in Hyde or Denton. Various organists came and went - I think they tried to tempt Geoff Downes who live on our estate at one point.

Tony Burke - 8/10/10

I played lead guitar with the band latter half of 1969.

Line up then was Kevin Seisey (hyphen-Brown?), Pete Norrey, Tony Hambleton and Phil (Rex) Walsh. They were a good outfit, but we played all over the bloody place (Torquay one night, Durham the next...).

The schedule made it very difficult to do my "day job", but more important, soul wasn't quite my bag. I'd joined to "fill in" for a while pending another guitarist/keyboards but after 6 months there was no movement so I left.

Presume Tony Burke (above) was "Tony Roadie"...a real case!

David Williams - 3/7/12

Jonny Pevitt on the 3/3/10 post noted the band went to Germany, the band that went there was called Tudor Rose.

Pete Norrey - 1/10/12

Just a little note to say sad souls originally started out as The Myth, most of the band stayed the same for sad souls. To see what kevin wood is upto now look up wildside bangkok on google/you tube & facebook. (the guys done good)

Pete Norrey - 17/11/12 

I think many people will recognise the band through the logo. The logo was once on Top of the Pops when Amen Corner's keyboard broke down and they used our keyboard.

Pete Norrey 

I don't remember ever being in the Sad Soul (Kevin Wood/singer) but I worked with Tony Ham, Dennis B and my cousin is Pete N. I remember we were rivals but they were much better than my band and I was quite jealous of them.

I saw them at the Tabernacle; opposite Strawberry Studios in Stockport, and they had some PA problems, which made me really happy. Pete and I recently re-established contact after many many years and even though we had our up's and downs he's still my blood brother. It's good to think back to those times and it would be great to know what Tony and Den are doing now. As for me I was a pro-muso for most of my working life touring all over (and living in) Europe and Asia.

I live in Bangkok now and am married to a respectable Thai girl (15 years)I still work in a band (Wildside) and have my own web page. Go to Kevin Wood Bangkok and you'll find it; it should be at the top of the page.

All my best wishes to my old stable mates and I hope life has been good to them.

Kevin Wood - 11/1/13

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