Saints and Sinners

Line Up 

  • Diccon Hubbard - Bass
  • Alan Partington - Vocals
  • Dave Lawrenson - Lead guitar
  • Robert Scott - drums
  • Alan Watson - Guitar

Mainly played pubs & youth clubs in Salford (usually Cross Lane - The Fusiliers/Northwestern/Bamboo Rooms/Craven Heifer/Falcon etc)

Also loads of auditions; The Limit, Middleton; Manchester Palais; The Boneyard Bolton;Princess Cinema, Monton - all usually without success, probably because we were crap!!

Diccon left this band to join The Rogues.


Unbelievable!! Can't believe this group and the photo is on the site.

It has to be the work of Mike Amatt (The Rogues, Mike Sweeney and the Thunderbyrds, The Salford Jets, Chugalug duo comprising of Mike Sweeney and Mike Amatt, The Mindbenders and many,many more).

I went to Salford Technical High School 1960 to 1965 with Mike Amatt, Diccon Hubbard on bass and Alan partington (vocalist).

The photo has brought back many happy memories. I haven't seen or spoken to any of these salfordian scalliwags since leaving school in 1965.

What are they upto now?

If you don't remember me, then have a look at "The Beatleague" on the site. I am Dave Anderton, the young drummer.

Happy days at Salford Tech or what?

P.s. I have lived in Rochdale since 1971 so I'm not a million miles away from my Salford roots

Dave Anderton -  The Beatleague - 19/4/10 



Xmas 1964, Salford Technical High School dance (now Pendleton College)

Band left to right: Diccon Hubbard (B); Alan Watson (R/G); Alan Partington (V); Robert Scott (D); Dave Lawrenson (L/G).

Notes: At the back,centre, between two girls, a very young Mike Amatt ! Some fabulous suits & haircuts ! Watkins Rapier guitars ! Those were the days!!

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