The Shmoes (originally The Regents and Shmoes Corps Revised)


  • Phil Giblin - Lead guitar
  • Steve (Adam) Giblin - Rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Steve Turner - Bass guitar, vocals
  • Mick Whitbread - Drums 

The original name of the band was The Regents and started life around 1965 with a lineup of :-

  • Phil Giblin lead guitar
  • Steve(Adam) Giblin rhythm guitar,keyboards, vocals
  • Steve Turner bass guitar, vocals
  • Tony Abbot lead vocals, percussion
  • Mick Whitbread drums 

The main influences of the day were local bands from around the Stalybridge, Ashton-u-Lyne area who played at the local town halls and other venues in the area. eg The Bridgebeats, The Centaurs, The Squires, The Orbits, The Irwells, The Perfect Circle etc. 

Early gigs were mainly played at church halls, celebrations and town halls and the band played a mixture of American Soul and Rhythm and Blues.

In 1967 the band changed their name to Shmoes Corps Revised, a name created by their then manager Malc Hill who thought that a crazy name might bring the band better recognition.

The band began writing their own songs and entered auditions at Granada TV for the “First Timers “slot, which was eventually won by an unknown band called “Amen Corner” and they passed the audition for Opportunity Knocks.

The band continued in the original line-up but divisions in musical taste meant that lead vocalist Tony Abbott left and Steve Turner played a much more prominent role in the band. 

The bands material changed to a more rock/blues orientated style with influences from Cream, Spooky Tooth and Ten Years After, enabling them not only to play on the university circuit with such legends as Barclay James Harvest, Jon Hismans Colosseum and Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band and of course The Factotums, but the opportunity to play at the original cavern in Liverpool as well as the famous Tow Bar in Cumbria.

They also had a big following in the Stockport area together with another band at the time called Liquorice Fix.

The manager at the time Bill Buckley decided that a local club “The Bower Club” in Stalybridge would be ideal to run on Thursday nights with Shmoes (as they were now called) playing with other local bands Pink Engine, Tiger Fog, High Society, Sad Soul as well as The Herd which although gave the band good publicity did not become a money spinning idea. 

  • Steve Giblin decided to call it a day in 1972 and was replaced by Bryan Tither (previously from a local band called The Puritans) and the band finally split up around 1975.
  • Steve Turner toured with various bands including backing for the female singer Polly Brown.
  • Mick Whitbread continued to play in a regular band at a local club.
  • Malc Hill worked as a DJ under the name Stevie Lomax and he went on to work for E.M.I before emigrating to Australia.
  • Tony Abbott who was lead vocals and percussion in the band sadly lost his fight against MS in June. He was still writing songs till the end. God Bless mate.Steve Giblin

So strange and sad too. Sitting here at my desk - thinking about all sorts of past lives.. and I thought about my first kiss! Tony Abbott at the Bramhall Tennis Club - with Shmoes Corps Revised... wow! 40 + years ago... I can even remember what he was wearing. I often wondered what happened to him. And then I just found this... It is funny the things you remember.

So sorry to read he is no longer here. 

Liz Leck - 20/8/10

Some more sad news I'm afraid. Bryan Tither (mentioned on this page), formerly of The Heartbeats and The Puritans lost, his fight with cancer on 3rd Sept 2010.

Paul Tither - 21/9/10

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