Sean and the Sonics

My brother Ian (known as Jock) Metcalfe was lead guitarist and Bob Rothwell bass guitarist with Sean and the Sonics. Ian was 7 years older than me at the time, but was well into the Manchesterbeat scene. I can remember going to see them play at the local Co-op in Middleton in about 1962 when I was 12. 

Geoff Metcalfe - 12/9/09 

That's my brother Ian, lead guitar on the right, a very young Alan Powell, drums second from right and Bob Rothwell, bass third from the right. Can't remember the name of the other two guys. I don't think the phone number on their card will still be valid!

Geoff Metcalfe - 22/1/10

The Buddy Holly lookalike is Ged Dodgson

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