Sean's Image (Sale/Altrincham)

Info/images courtesy Peter Scorah 


  • Sean Foden - vocals
  • Phil Holland - rhythm guitar
  • Ken Jones - drums
  • Malc Morgan - lead guitar
  • Peter Scorah - bass 

Originally formed in the mid-sixties by Peter Scorah, John Padbury and Phil Holland in a garage on Washway Road, Sale and later joined by John Jones and John Crowe the group played many venues in the Greater Manchester area.  They were called The Tridents.

Later John Jones was succeeded by Ken Jones and John Crowe succeeded by Sean Foden John Padbury succeeded by Malc Morgan and the name was changed to Seans Image.

Played at Southern Sporting Club/ Offerton Palace. Also many other venues including Top Twenty Club, Jungfrau, Stamford Hall, Altrincham.

Very popular at Rugby Clubs in Altrincham and Sale areas.

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