The Secrets of Manchester



  • Brian Cochrane - lead vocals/lead guitar
  • Doug Welch - vocals
  • Rodney Gould - rhythm
  • Paul Murphy - drums
  • Roy Wilson - bass

Formed whilst at School (Blackley Tech High 1963 ) - Started at the 'bottom' Derby Arms (Harpurhey), survived the punches all the way to the 'Top' Derby Arms 800 yards on!

Supported the 'Magil Five' (tral la lar....Mocking Bird Hill) and Rev. Black and the Rocking Vicars (was it Lemmy?) and general local gigs until signed for a German tour ( US Air Force Bases), when the Manager ran off with our newly acquired Vox amps. Yes, even that Watkins Dominator (17watt) in the pic above - would have been worth a fortune now judging by that recent eBay advert in Manchester Beat.

Brian Cochrane

Another important venue was when we played at the Candelelight Club in Oldham. The power connections were dodgy and I seem to remember our lead guitarist getting an electric shock.. This happened before one of the microphones almost disappeared through a crack in the floor.

Rod Gould (rhythm guitarist and Vocals, I was the only one who knew the words to Johnny B. Goode) - 11/5/11





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