Senators (Blackpool)


  • Dave Nichols - lead
  • Christian Almond - rhythm
  • Brian Finn - bass
  • John Kent - drums
  • Mike Carew - organ

Amazingly 'The Senators' are still going. However there have been a few changes over the years. The mainstay is Mike Carew who still runs the band, fast approaching its 50th year.

There have been many changes on the drums but only one change of bass player. Freddie (who sadly died at the tender age of 52) and I left in 1971. Dave left some years later. The band has continued as a three piece to this day. Bass player Dave Slater (who replaced Brian Finn about thirty years ago) and drummer/lead vocalist Tony Shakespeare.

These days, the emphasis is on dancing rather than cabaret. We are still in touch and good friends. Reunions are rare and the hangovers horrendous. Mike and I are the only two still actively engaged in performing.

PS. Some may remember Freddie on Radio City as'Frantic Freddie'. One of life's real gentlemen. 

John Kent - 14/4/12

I have just realised, after adding the short recent history, that you may be wondering who the devil Freddie is. Freddie was Christian, his adopted stage name. We never called him that and it didn't last long, but even now the occasional old fan with enquire after him using his stage name. Even Freddie did not bother with it for long. And on that point we never knew where the 'Red' Nichols came from. Of course, it has echoes of cornet player 'Red Nichols', immortalised on celluloid by Danny Kay. But only in this item did Dave ever get called Red. Again, a name that never stuck.

John Kent - 18/4/12

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