Shane Fenton and the Fentones

Line-up (as on picture)

  • Shane Fenton - vocals
  • Mike Amatt - guitar
  • Dave Barrow - bass
  • Mike Easthope - drums
  • Iris - dancer
  • Janice - dancer

Also included

  • Steve Green - guitar
  • Leo Laherty - drums
  • Barry Blood - guitar

Not strictly a Manchester band but Shane (Bernard - Alvin) frequently dipped into the pool of Manchester musicians for his group.

The drummer in this picture is Mike Easthope from Liverpool but the drummer preceding him was Leo Laherty ex Measles. Prior to my joining the Fentones, the guitarist was Steve Green (last heard of playing excellent keyboards at Urmston Men's Club. He's also a formidable guitarist.) I had to emulate his guitar version of "Buck's Polka when I replaced him.

Another previous guitarist with Shane was Barry Blood from Buxton. Sadly he died of cancer in the 90s I think. He too was an exceptional guitarist.

There's another good link with this picture. The two females were dancers, as we did a cabaret act in those days. The lady next to Shane was Iris, his wife and the other girl was Janice her close friend. I think they met as dancers for "Ballet Montparnasse".

Iris' brother was Rory Storm of Rory Storm and the Hurricanes for whom Ringo played drums. Iris dated both George Harrison and Paul McCartney on different occasions. Iris and Rory's mum were known by many Liverpool bands as "Ma Storm."

Loads of "post gig cups of tea etc" She was a lovely lady. Iris once showed me a letter written to her by The Beatles during their Hamburg days. I remember it ended with the words ".... and Ringworm sends his lunch" (I presume this was a "Lenonism" for Ringo sends his love.)

One picture with a Manchester - Beatle - Ballet - and Mersey beat connection. Good Eh!

Mike Amett - 15/6/10

For much of the time, the Fentones all appeared to be from Manchester, hence a valid inclusion on this website. I was in the line-up in the early seventies (Stretford) as basssplayer, following Dave Barrow. Steve Green was guitarist (followed by Stuart from Gorton) and Ian Saunders (Swinton) was one of the drummers. Roadie was the late Dennis Wiggins (Monton) who was sadly killed in a car crash one Christmas whilst roadieing for 'Hello', not long before Shane became Alvin.

Shane and Iris (Shane's wife at the time - Rory Storm's sister) were at my wedding, along with the then Head of Music for Radio Luxembourg, Mike Knight, who dj'd for us at the Irwell Castle pub, Lower Broughton [15 Jan 1972].

I'll scan a photo and forward it soon.

Incidently, during the early 60s, while still at school, I was with Shaun Hunter and the Falcons (Urmston) and later 4 VIPs (Eccles) among others

Peter Greenhalgh  - 21/1/11
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