Sherie Paul and the Shapiros (previously The Interns) 

I was Sherie Paul.

I did gigs in most of the Manchester Clubs in the late 50's early 60's..Supporting a lot of the well known acts.

I then went on to do the US Bases tours in France & Germany in the 60's. On returning I then joined the Mecca Dance hall scene playing with The Allan Poole Set in Blackburn/Liverpool, changing my name to Pip Daye.

Paper Lace took over for 2 weeks while we went on holiday. Also all the Djs did their Road Shows there ... Noel Edmunds, Dave Lee Travis, Tony Prince, Tony Blackburn and many more.

Then I joined Jimmy Macs Band and a lot of the Tamla Mowtown artists appeared when doing their UK Tours. I have also appeared with The Chants who were The Vocal Perfection first..oh the best days.

Cherrie Soesan - 27/10/12

And we were the Shapiros - Previously known as the Interns before Sherie joined.

K Thirlwall - 1/12/13







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