The Shevrons 


Adge (road manager), Rob Cooke, Tony Surdevan, Kevin Lee, Peter Surdevan


  • Rob Cooke - vocals
  • Tony Surdevan - guitar/vocals
  • Kevin Lee - drums
  • Peter Surdevan - bass/vocals 

Later joined by various lead guitarists, in particular

  • Roger "Chunkin it up" Legge - lead
  • Roy "Arthur Bill" - lead


  • Henry Quick - drums

We were a 4/5 piece group from South Manchester, and played local pubs, and clubs including St. Kentigern's, St. Bernadette's, The Forty Thieves, The Carina Club, The GPO Club (Manchester), The Princess Theatre Club (Chorlton), The Oasis, The Twisted Wheel (Brazennose Street), Seven Stars (Heywood).

Our repertoire was heavily Beatles, and Rolling Stones, plus blues covers such as Muddy Waters, etc., with Rob on “gob iron”.

Most gigs paid about £8 - £10. Can remember Adge, our "road manager" saying, after playing The Astoria Ballroom, Oldham: "Hey, £12 – that's two dabs each" – probably the most we were ever paid.

When we first started, Rob, our singer, was a plumber “by day”, and his first mike stand was made from copper pipe, with a couple of tricky bends at the bottom for the "base".

That Selmer “Treble and Bass Amp” never did cut it; but it was all we could afford in those days.

Peter and Tony Surdevan

Hope you are all keeping well. I remember you well, especially Tony! Are you still playing?

Ruth Dickinson



The original 4 members met up on Saturday (28/03/15) for the first time since the 60s. It wasn't a band re-union as such, just a meet up. I had a gig with my current band, The Cadillacs (, in Cheadle Hulme (Cheshire), and the other 3 came to watch.

The picture in the gallery shows Peter (Bass), Tony (Guitar), Rob (Singer), and Kevin (Drums).

Tony Surdevan - 1/4/15
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