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  • Morris - 
  • Loam Morris - 
  • Peter Lenihan - 

We were a little known group called 'The Sinders' God Knows why!  We were four blokes - Peter Rigby, a guy called Morris whose other name I can't remember, the wonderful Liam Morris and me Peter Lenihan.

Somehow we were asked to play at the Regent Combo Club, Rochdale Road circa 1964, on the night it opened. There were about fifty people there and all I can really remember is that I sang 'I'm A Hog For You Baby' and the crowd yelled for more. I sang something else - the crowd yelled for more - my flies were wide open!

Happy Days. I live in Greece now but my heart is very much in the Manchester scene of the 60s.

Peter Lenihan - 20/7/09




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