Six Lancashire Lads 

I wonder if any of our readers can remember a group of young boy singers who were known as "The Six Lancashire Lads" from the mid-fifties? Yes, a long time ago now! These guys were so good that they were invited to appear on television - no mean feat all those years ago.

When they became teenagers the name of the group was changed to "The Six Lancashire Teenagers" but, although they really were excellent performers, they sadly never caught on and faded into obscurity. One of their group was a lovely guy called Alan Morton - a school friend at the time. Happy days - and great memories!

Alan Morton of the "Lads" was a pupil at Spurley Hey School, Gorton, in the mid-fifties. I suppose the kids' voices broke as they got older, but as a very young act they were much loved. Their agent was a lady but I cannot bring to mind her name. Coincidentally, Glyn Ellis, who later was to find fame as Wayne Fontana, also attended this school at that time as did Linda Jones, whose brother was to become Davy Jones of "Monkees" fame.

David Benjamin - 26/2/12

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