Some Folk


  • Sue James - vocals
  • Steve Foley - guitar/vocals
  • Bob Ainsworth - 12 string guitar/vocal 

The lineup was Sue James (vocal) Steve Foley (guitar/vocal) and me (12 string guitar/vocal).

I met Steve about 1963 when I joined a group with him in. When it ended we were both into Bob Dylan and played around doing his songs for fun. I had the idea of getting a girl singer and we advertised. Sue was working at kennels near Wilmslow and we then put together a fairly straight forward folk act. We played at the MSG club long gone from the back of the Cathedral in Manchester. Manchester Sports Guild had a folk club and jazz.

We then became influenced by Peter Paul & Mary and became more commercial. We started getting gigs in clubs including Rowntrees at the Corn Exchange and even the Riverboat club then in Broughton. 

We reached the stage (no pun intended!) when Sue and Steve wanted to take it up full time but I was recently married and passed on that. They hired another guitar player in my place and carried on working clubs and becoming more commercial.

They eventually evolved into "Living Dream" mentioned elsewhere on this site.

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