Sonny Kaye and The Reds (Runcorn)

Line-up included 

  • Sonny Kaye ( Frank Kennan) - Vocals 
  • Tony Muffet - Rhythm guitar 
  • Ronald Quine - Bass guitar 
  • Harold Nelson - Sax
  • Billy Mullen - Lead guitar
  • Terry Lewis - Drums
  • Harry Cosgreve - Drums

Runcorn based Sonny Kaye and The Reds notched up considerable success during their time together - winning the "Kings of the Big Beat" contest at New Brighton Tower Ballroom (a really major venue for Merseyside bands of the early sixties).

They also appeared on "Opportunity Knocks" in 1968, placing second.

"In 1961, I joined Sonny Kaye and The Reds (one of the area's leading groups) as the main bass player and appeared in many places including the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Also played with the most famous Beatles at the Queens Hall, and all top bands in Liverpool.

In the band was; Sonny Kaye (Frank Kennan) - the lead singer Tony Muffet - Rhythm Player, Ronald Quine-Bass Player, Harold Nelson - Saxophone Player, Billy Mullen-Lead Player, Harry Cosgreve - Drummer, Eric Hayes - Manager

We played together for four years always surprising our audience with a fantastic gig. "

Ronald Quine 

Gigs included

  • The Cavern, Liverpool
  • Star Club, Germany


All the pics you have are of my dad the drummer Terry Lewis, who played on Opportunity Knocks and the Star Club in Hamburg. Kind regards

Stephanie O'sullivan (Lewis) - 16/10/10


t seems in this picture Chris Howard was on bass, vocals who joined in 1962.  Picture came from here
John H. Warburg 1st April 2022



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