Soul Messengers


  • John Bevan - vox/rhythm guitar
  • John Cummings - lead guitar/blues harp
  • Dave Dean - bass guitar
  • Ian Jackson - drums 

Margaret Cummings, then girlfriend now wife of John 

"The group played mainly rhythm and blues and appeared in clubs and pubs around the Manchester area.  They were managed by a chap called Len Bramwell and in those days they would receive about £15 a gig!

When they appeared at the Jungfrau in the city centre they packed the place out although judging by the number of friends in the dressing room after the gig, about half of them were regular followers.

Stockport Town Hall was another memorable place, as I entered, in my excitement I slipped on the shiny floor and slid on my bottom nearly to the stage.........very undignified in my short 60s mini skirt!

The band were popular but never made it to the big time." 

 Margaret Cummings, then girlfriend now wife of John 
  • soulmessengers

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