The Soul Toppers


  • Brian Whysker - lead
  • Malcolm Randles - organ
  • Mervyn Jones - drums
  • Mike Parker - Sax
  • John Blight - Bass 

Brian and Malcolm later joined The Passion Waggon. John Blight went on to Palm Springs. 

I joined the group on bass on 18 February, 1969.

We used to practice on a Wednesday evening at Old Moat School (I think this may have been in the Didsbury area ?)
22 March. We played at a private wedding function - place unknown.
29 March. We won a BRONZE award at the Reynold Building, Manchester University in a best group contest.
25 April. Another private function.
6 May. Played at a school dance - place unknown.
31 May. Played St. Crispian`s Rose Queen (Fallowfield ?) - earned princely sum of 13 shillings and sixpence !
21 June. Played at St.Christopher`s Club (Fallowfield ?)

This was my last gig with the band and at a later date I would co-found Slipped Disc and then Palm Springs. I remember Brian the guitarist, Mervin the drummer, Malcolm the organist and best of all my old school chum Mike Parker who played saxophone.

In our set we used to play amongst others My Girl, March of the Mods and some Geno Washington stuff.

I was probably better known in those days not for my (then) limited bass guitar skills but more for pouring paraffin on my hand and setting fire to it on stage ! OK OK so I was an attention seeker alright !

John Blight





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