Sounds Important

info and images courtesy: Peter Quinn 


  • Peter Stratton - vocals
  • Jimmy Hadfield - lead
  • George Robinson - drums
  • Peter Quinn - bass 

Sounds Important was a professional band managed by Stuart Littlewood Associates, that I joined after The Bridgebeats and Caz, circa 1970. We played all over the UK, later playing resident group at Stockport County Football Club.

The band members were Peter Stratton (singer, now with The Bridgebeats), George Robinson (drums, who also played with The Bridgebeats), Jimmy Hadfield (lead guitar) and Peter Quinn (bass guitar).

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  • soundsimportant2


I can't add anything to the site I'm afraid but I'd love to know what happened to Jimmy Hadfield (who grew up round the corner from me and I knew when I was a child).

Bob Simpson - 18/6/11











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