The Sovereigns

info and images courtesy: Brian Hunt 


  • Pat Casey - vocals
  • Arthur Brook - lead
  • Brian Hunt - rhythm
  • Martin Duffy- drums
  • Colin Priest - bass 

The Sovereigns played at many venues in and around the Manchester area. For some time also we had a female singer, Pat Casey. 

  • As regards the members' subsequent lives, I believe Pat & Colin married and I heard may have emigrated to South Africa in the seventies, however I don't really know and indeed they may be living in UK for all I know.
  • Arthur Brook subsequently went solo and had a successful club career under the name Mike D'Corcey, playing largely Shadows instrumental material.
  • I know Martin continued playing drums for many years in various groups and showbands.
  • As regards me, I went 'legit' in 1970 and joined the police (not the group!) and am now retired living the ex-pat life on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

About 3 or 4 years back I was perusing the local ex-pat newspaper when I saw a feature and photo of a solo guitarist called 'Silhouette' who was apparently now playing in and around the Benidorm area. That's Arthur I thought!

Anyway, I found a venue where he was appearing in Bendorm and just before he was due on stage, I presented myself in front of him! I'm sure you can imagine his reaction.

Sadly, but perhaps inevitably, I have lost touch with them all.

Brian Hunt 
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