The Buccaneers (Hayfield/New Mills)

Line-up included

  • Harry Barber - lead
  • Jeff Bickerton - bass
  • Keith Newton - drums
  • Glyn Strange - rhythm
  • Dave Buck(Buckle) - drums
  • Eddie Davies - lead

I played bass for the Buccaneers who were based in Hayfield/New Mills in the early '60s. In the band at that time was, Glyn Strange on rhythm, Harry Barber on lead myself on bass and Keith Newton on drums, I can't remember if there any others.  We had a load of laughs at a time when it was fun to be in a band.

Glyn I'm told is in Australia, married and they have a child, Glyn had lots of hair when I knew him but, is now folicaly challenged I believe.
Harry Barber died some time ago as did Keith Newton.
Phil Strange is well and still lives with his wife in Hayfield.

Jeff Bickerton - 30/12/12



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