The James Turner Four - Accrington

Line-up included

James Turner - vocals
John Tillotson - bass
Gerard Nevin - lead guitar
Ronnie Green - rhythm
John Turner - drums
Billy Kerr - vocals


The James Turner Four, started out as The Vidos and then became The Dynamites. After that The Jay Turner Four (The J. Turner Four) and then The James Turner Four, which later became The Second Time Around. This all spanned 20 years.

The band included Gerard Nevin on lead guitar, Ronnie Green on rhythm guitar, vocals (b. Ronald Green), John Tillotson on bass, Noel Smith on drums (The Jay Turner / James Turner Four), James Turner on lead vocals (RIP), Billy Kerr on lead vocals (b. William Kerr RIP) and John Turner on drums.

John 4/2/14








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