The Vigilantes (Warrington)

1960 – 1965 

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Line-up included

  • Ian Preece - lead quitar
  • Pete Garner - lead quitar
  • Ray Johnson - rhythm
  • Jeff Rigby - bass
  • Don Smith - drums
  • Johnny Bellringer - drums
  • Bill Monks - drums
  • Johnny Moss - vocals
  • Colin Massey - vocals

The Vigilantes were a popular Warrington group formed in late 1960.

The original line up was Ian, Ray, Jeff, Don, and they were later joined by vocalist Johnny Moss who was later followed by Colin Massey.
Ian left in October 1962 to join The Brokers, another well known Warrington group.

Ian was replaced by Pete Garner who, when the Vigilantes, folded went on to join the Magic Lanterns.

In November 1963 Colin left the group, and they then continued to perform doing their own vocals and harmonies.
Don Smith left in 1964, and was replaced by Johnny Bellringer ex-drummer with The Brokers. Johnny was then replaced late in 1964 by Bill Monks.

The Vigilantes played in many Northwest clubs and dance halls in both Manchester and Liverpool, and supported many headline groups of that time.



Jeff, Ray, Don, Ian with Johnny Moss 





Just some of the clubs they played;

  • The Astoria in Hyde
  • The KIngs Hall Cheadle
  • The Stamford Hall Altincham
  • Baths Hall Warrington
  • Co-op Hall Warrington
  • Parr Hall Warrington
  • Memorial Hall Northwich
  • Mr Smiths Winsford
  • Town Hall Middlewich
  • The Cavern Club Liverpool
  • The Iron Door Club Liverpool
  • Litherland Town Liverpool

Please check their website for more info and pictures.



The Vigilantes (from Warrington) who last performed in 1965 have now re-united and Performed their first gig for over 45 years on the 27th October at Blackbrook Rugby Club in St Helens.

The group (comprising of all original members) did a one hour spot to a great reception. Videos of their gig can be viewed on . We are now up and running, and more gigs are in the pipline.

Jeff Rigby - 14/11/12



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