Three Nuts and a Bolt


  • Derek (Grant's real name) Foster - vocals
  • Mike Gaughran - lead guitar/vocals
  • Phil Gaughran - drums
  • Dave Stock - bass 
  • Ronnie Howard - bass (replaced Dave) 

Three Nuts and a Bolt evolved from "The Vulcans" who consisted of myself (Mike Gaughran), Mike Gaughran, Jim Thorpe and Bill Hollewyn (both of the Air Training Corps - ATC - hence the name, after the Vulcan bomber) and any drummer that we could con into playing for us.

Bill drifted away and Jim and myself pestered a pal called Dave Stock in to playing bass guitar. We found a singer called Graham Smith who looked and sounded like Billy Fury. We did an audition at the Oasis club in Lloyd Street, Manchester and the manager pirated our singer who became "Mr Smith and Sum People".

As a "consolation prize" we were given a list of names from a competition to name Graham's group and we chose "3 Nuts & a Bolt".

We began to audition singers and chose "Grant Foster". We didn't tell him till twenty-odd years later that he got the job because he had a Shure Unidyne III mike (latest technology!) and a Vox A.C. 30 - he had a good strong voice as well.

Phil replaced our drummer and his debut was as support band for the Hollies at the Oasis - he must have been terrified.

4 Nuts and a Bolt

As we became established, we took on a succession of 5th members as follows:

  • Mel Harvey - Rhythm Guitar  - Followed by
  • Bob Hudson - Rhythm Guitar - Followed by
  • Pete Hernon - Vox continental Organ


  • Servite Youth Club - Salford/Prestwich Border
  • Oasis Club, Lloyd Street, Manchester
  • Jungfrau, Manchester
  • Bodega, Manchester
  • Midland Hotel, Manchester ( SIX times our normal fee)
  • Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
  • Alma Lodge, Stockport
  • Lindale, Eccles
  • Manchester University, Students' Union
  • 3 Coins, Fountain Street
  • Embassy Club, Stoke - on - Trent
  • Club Creole - (Rex Cinema, Wilmslow)
  • Ambassador Bingo Club - Salford 1
  • & many, many others. 

The End

The group finally finished when Ronnie and his family emigrated to Australia, after selling me his gear and buying a whole lot of top class stuff on hire purchase!!

He arranged a replacement for himself, who I will not name, but the guy was an absolute nut case. After two or three weeks we were at the end of our respective tethers and decided to call it a day.


Derek and I formed the "Mike Foster Duo" for about two years and then I went on to be part of the "Honey Christian Duo", then became "Big Mike Merry". Derek teamed up with Bob Hudson to become the "Derek Hudson Duo" and then got a succession of club compere jobs.

Phil played with a few different groups including the "Kandy Karnival" whose lead singer, "Little Billy", became "Buzz Hawkins" and shot to fame as writer and entire cast of "The Bradshaws".

Dave, as far as I know, gave up laying altogether and concentrated on his trade as a printer.


I have lost touch with most people but Derek is now a self-employed joiner and sings as the occasional special occasion.

Phil and I are currently part of the resident band at St George's Social Club in Salford.

Written by Mike Gaughran and typed by Pete Martin!


Mike forgot to mention that we entered a band competition at the Rialto in Salford and came second to Herman's Hermits! I was doing vocals and rhythm at the time, and still am, as a member of the Buddy Goode Band. I have been searching for Mike for years. Great to hear he is still playing.

Jim Thorp

I played in a cabaret band called 'Splinter' with Phil Gaughran.I first met big Mike and Phil when I roadied for Kandy Karnival. Last time I saw them, I was 'depping with Pete Maclane at the Bulls Head in Stockport market place.

Chris Evans

Dave Stock died on Sunday 25th November and will be sadly missed.

Phil Middleton - a very close friend - 30/11/12


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