Three Speed Walking Stick (Hadfield)

Line-up included

  • Beverly Pattison Moss - vocals
  • Phil Strange - lead
  • Dave Buck - drums
  • Marshall Archer - bass

Another Glossop area band you could list was Three Speed Walking Stick. Cant remember the names of the members, but I do remember them appearing on Opportunity Knocks. Perhaps someone out there remembers them.

Peter McGarrity - 3/10/11

They certainly did. I remember their drummer saying they were given that name by the producers - they thought it was a cool name. It wasn't, not even in 1969!  If I remember correctly, we wanted the drummer to join us but he went with 3SWS as they were going on the telly - a short time later we also got the Opp Knocks gig.

Paul (webmaster)  - 3/10/11

I remember this band from the late 60's when I was at school. They played a gig in St. Helens at West Park Grammar, I suppose I must've been about 15 at the time.I was very taken with the singer, Beverly Pattison Moss and we kept in touch for quite a while. He lived on Sheffield Road I think, and had a brother called Ashley who wasn't in the band.

The name of the band had nothing to do with Opp. Knocks, they were called that already; when I saw them it was months before the TV thing. On the TV they wore girls dresses; I remember Bev telling me about their shopping trip.Don't know what happened to them; I know Bev did the club circuit for a while, he was at The Garrick on the Wirral I think, and I remember he did a stint in Izmir, Turkey not long after, but I don't know if it was the same band.

Jan Gardner -31/12/11

Three Speed Walking Stick, was formed by Phill Strange.& myself, as Mommies Darlings had finished. Finding Bev Moss was wounderful,top turn. We drafted in Marshall Archer.ex Mommies Darlings and the band was formed. The name was given to us after we auditioned for Opp Knocks, so there!!!!!

Later I worked with Marsh in a band Grisby Dyke, doing lots of good stuff & later with Bev in the North Stars, comedy band.

Dave Buck - 6/4/12


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