Threes a Crowd

Line-up included

Roy Gledhill - bass/lead

Noel Gledhill - lead

Terry Howard - bass

Baz Hilton - drums

Stuart Grattidge - bass  

Formed in the very early 1960s by two brothers Roy and Noel Gledhill and Baz Hilton.

They played in numerous clubs and pubs in and around Manchester and outlying areas. As the work became more intense, Noel decided he wanted to leave, thats when we met up with Terry Howard, a great bass player. Roy swiched to lead guitar and Terry played bass.

Sadly for us, Terry left to join Tally and the Talismen then later The Cymerons. A new bass player was needed, this guy came with a great reputation as a bass player (having worked with Dave Barron and The Chariots) and his own band (Kenny B's Boogie Band). Thats how Baz met up with Stuart from The Chariots.

After many years or travelling and playing together, I decided that it was time to quit and left, leaving Roy and Ken to carry on as a duo. They carried on using various drummers until they changed their style and turned into a country duo.

That's when Stuart (ex-Chariots/Sweet Chariot) came round to see me and ask if I would front a new band he was putting together and GYPSY ere formed.

Baz Hilton - 29/1/15


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