• John Dixon - Vocals
  • Harold Weller - Bass
  • Tony Kay - Drums 
  • Melvin Booth - Sax 
  • Roger Bridge - Sax 
  • Paul Alison - Keyboards  
  • Colin Andrews - Guitar 1967
  • Kevin Blezzard - Guitar 1967  

Originally formed in 1967 as a pop/psychedelic group with:

  • Colin Andrews - lead guitar / lead vocals
  • Harold Weller - rhythm guitar / vocals
  • Tony Kay - drums
  • Steve Fort - bass

Early 1968 Roger Bridge and Melvin Booth joined adding Tenor and Baritone Sax, with Paul Allison on Keyboards, Kevin Bezzard replacing Colin Andrews on lead Guitar and Harold Weller swapping to Bass Guitar. And John Dixon fronting on Lead Vocals.

Managed by Ernie Bench, the band played traditional soul music and had a good following in the larger clubs and dance halls round the Greater Manchester and North-West area.

By the end of 1968 Tick-Tocks evolved into the Santa Fe` Reunion 

Harold Weller - 15/11/11

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