Tiger Fog

info thanks to Neil Scott

Line Up

  • George Heathcote - vocals
  • Geoff Whitehead - bass
  • John Greatbanks - guitar
  • Trevor Morgan - drums
  • Neil Scott - lead guitar
  • Harry Green - bass (replaced Geoff)

George and Neil later played with Chalice

Tiger Fog reunion - October 2004

A very boozey Friday night at a pub in Didsbury.

Geoff Whitehead organised the night, giving visiting Aussie, Neil Scott, the opportunity to catch up with Geoff and band-members Trev Morgan and John Greatbanks. Unfortunately, they were missing George Heathcote, who lives in Sydney.

Neil had dinner at Alma Lodge and couldn't get over was how small the club area was - he always remembered a much larger venue!


"My memory of our repertoire is almost non - existant but we mixed up soul , rock and just about anything to be an entertaining pop group. We played most of the pop gigs around Manchester including the fabulous Bury Sunday Club - of which I have some very nice memories [ Paul Ingham ran that one ] and Alma Lodge in Stockport where we really made an impression. We ran out of steam around 1969."

Neil Scott 

We played a few gigs with Tiger Fog. We got to know them through Paul, our bass player, who knew Neil who was from Chadderton, just off Broadway. We went to see them at the outdoor gig [ictured in the gallery. They where a really good solid band and we where very impressed. After the gig we had a few slurps at Harry the Fwurks flat. Harry was totally off his cake but a good host and great entertainment. 

Next thing we knew they were moving to Australia - all the band, lock stock and empty barrel, I don't think they took Harry (well, you wouldn't, would you?). 

The next time I saw them was when I was waching Bluey, the Australian cop series and there they were, playing at the back of Bluey and still sounding good. (For more info, look at the Chalice page)

It was a pleasure to have known them and didn't they do well.

Mike - Pepper Tree 

Fantastic! Mike Lynch told me about m\c beat.  Used to roady for Tiger Fog round m\c before they went to Aussie. Lived down the road from George. Very sad to hear of his passing. Thoughts to Charlie and Margaret.

I have some great tapes of Tiger Fog and Chalice before they moved to Aussie. Wish I'd known the reunion was on. I idolised Neal. watched him every gig playing his Grimshaw Les Paul Crossroads, Suite Judy Blue Eyes, the Who, etc. He was brilliant.

I'm still playing now and indebted to Neal's guidance. Great to find this info on the web.

Ken Bradshaw - 15/10/11

Great to happen on this website by chance. I went to university with Neil & was a good buddie. I went to see Tiger Fog several times - once at Owens Park - I think I might even have an old tape of it somewhere. I also watched them rehearse several times - in an old scout hut in Chadderton I think. Neil came to my wedding in 1972 but I don't think I've seen him since those days.

Trevor Crotch-Harvey  - 22/10/11

Used to go see Tiger Fog regularly in the 60s/70s. I recently came across a diary from 1971! I think I was mates with Neil? as his address and phone number are in it and some entries when we went round to his and out for pints. I have very hazy memories, it was a long time ago. However, stumbling across this web page brought back a loads. It was great to see the vids as well! It would be great to hear from anyone from that era, even Harry!!! Cheers.

Dunstan Gallery - 7/12/11

Who the fwuerk thought up that name?, must have been the Mouse, he was frightened of Big Pussies. 

I was invited to join Tiger Fog when Geoff was leaving, and joined Neil (septic fingers), Trevor (The Mouse), George (The Gob)a nd John (The Winker - "misprint") and Skid (Mad dog) The roadie. Why did we call him Skid? Something to do with having to change our underpants after he drove us on Gigs, fwuerkin frightening!. 

Don't remember why we disbanded? Might have been somethin to do with serious girlfriends? Neil and I started writing songs, and Les Brazil joined us recording them at my house in Burnage, with Skid as the recording boss, on a Brennel 2 track an a Phillips 4 track. 

The tapes sounded ok until replayed by EMI in London on a top range Ferrograph system. I remember havin a minge cringe in front of a producer and an A&R Man as the small cock ups boomed out in stereo. Surprisingly they were interested and asked us to play some live gigs so they could see us live, but serious love relationships got in the way and we missed the opportunity. 

Tiger Fog had a good following, and we played a lot of gigs, leaving great memories, most of them too naughty to reveal (Mr Moonarse would have a fit an there would be more ** than words. Sad to hear we lost George, a great front man and a lovely guy. I remember you all, my buddies, and through this great site hope to hear more about the Mad days. 

Love to you all. XXXX. 

HARRY (The Fwuerk) Greene - 12/10/12

Played in a band called Smokey Gun, and supported these guys, the venue was Burnley grammar school 1969 I was the lead singer, I met the lead guitar player a couple of years later at one of our gigs, I was with a band called Currency. It's strange how you always remember good bands. I can still picture them now. 

Robert Riley - 11/9/13

Saw them at Loretto College for girls, when I was at St Bedes. Prob around 70/71. Remember guitarist in a fur guilet and a Gibbo 335. Quite cool band! 

Brian L - 18/10/13
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