TNT and The Dynamites (Oldham)

Line Up

  • Jim Travers - Bass
  • Barry Elton - Lead
  • Stuart Widdall - Vocals
  • Geof Dawson - Rhythm
  • Bob Elton - Drums

Later became basis of Harlem Jonns Reshuffle. Stuart now sings with Stax of Soul. 

All the guys came from Oldham, and in fact all came from Limeside Estate in Oldham (Stag Pasture Rd). All of them then became Harlem Jons, except Geoff who went to University.

Stuart is with Stax of Soul, Jimmy lives in Spain, Barry teaches guitar in the Oldham area and Bob sadly passed away just after turning 40, RIP Amsterdam Bob.

Phil Elton - 14/5/11

I remember them well - used to play in the Catacombes on Huddersfield Rd.near Cross St and Shaw Rd.

Ray Dalton - 2/12/12
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