Tom's Rigg

info courtesy Danny Hardman

Line Up

  • Tommy Rigby - vocals
  • Mike Connelly - Lead
  • Billy Dalton- Rhythm
  • Pete Kay - Bass
  • Barry Crew - Drums

I used to be Mike Connelly's second man when he drove the delivery van for Simpson and Godlee based in Swinton. I would sit wide eyed on Monday morning when he would tell me where the band had played at the weekend. Missed him when he left for other things.

What was that whacky car you used to have. Really glad I stumbled across this site. Hope you are well, Thanks for the memories mate.

Allan Johnston - 14/12/11

Hi out there, so glad my last comment actually got onto the site. Would like to hear from anybody connected to Mike as I feel I might have intruded onto some private family affairs. If I am treading on hallowed ground just let me know. All the best to all. 

Allan Johnston - 4/2/12

Hi Allan - Sadly Mike passed away about ten years ago. He had been living in Spain running a newspaper for expats. He was still playing in a band until his death.Mike was a fantastic person he arranged everything for the band. In 1968 we were playing in Germany and Morocco for the American Forces.

I think the car you mentioned was a ford special a diy kit based on ford prefect with a plastic sport body shell. I remember it setting on fire outside the Boneyard club in Bolton, lol.
RIP Mike

Barry Crew - 7/7/12

Memories of Tom Rigby and a great group.A bit out of the manchester area my memories of Tom's Rigg were from Big Daddies in Halifax.

Always a great sound, loved watching and listening to him and them.

Sad loss - my thanks and commiserations to his family.

Mike Crossland - 8/9/12

Used to work with Mike Connelley in the 60s . Have tried to get in touch but no luck. would like anyone involved with Mike to get in touch. Do not want to tread on any toes but would really like to be in touch with Mike or family.

Allan Johnston - 15/9/12

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