Tony Marshal and The Deputies (Hadfield)

Line-up included 

  • Eddie Thompson - vocals
  • Harry Blood - bass
  • Terry Galvin - lead
  • Norman Carhart - drums
  • Eric Willis - rhythm


The group were a five piece band. They did the usual vocal covers, and were Hadfields answer to The Shadows. They really did sound like the "Shads"

They did all the usual local pubs and clubs, they also worked a lot in Yorkshire. I remember coaches taking their "fans" to see
them in the clubs there. They had a big local following.

The drummer Norman, is my cousin, and Terry the lead guitarist, lived a "few doors" away from me.

They were both 5 or 6 years older than me and it was watching them rehearse and sneaking in to their gigs that got me interested in music.

Sadly Terry, who was a good friend and Eddie are no longer with us.

Norman and Terry along with Tony "the Fonz" Danson went on to form Slack Alice. Another popular local band.

At another time I joined forces with Norman and Terry to form a 7 piece Soul outfit, 9, if you include the dancers, The Mojo Band.
Fantastic sound but finding venues was not easy. So the band was short lived.

Peter McGarrity - 3/10/11

Hello there, to all who remember the band. I had some great times in that band formed about 1959 at Jones St Youth Club in Hadfield.

Im still playing guitar at home but not gigging anymore. I formed a rock n roll band about1996 called The Cadillacs, great band built up a great following but didn't last due to ego problems. Still going but there are no original members.

Norman Carhart - 3/10/11 

The picture above was taken at a club in Barnsley about 1964. We had just got the guitars the previous week from Johnny Roadhouses in town - two strats and a precision bass.

Fom left to right: Harry, me in a daft pose, Eric, Eddie (no longer with us) and my life long pal Terry (who is also no longer with us).

We bought our first guitars from a mail order firm in London for £12 50. - paid for with our saved up paper round money, after seeing Lonnie Donegan on the black and white telly. The guitar that Eric is holding was painted a different colour because Eric didn't like the oringinal colour, which was like a gold sparkle which looked awful.

It is now owned by a local chap in Hadfield still being played. Don't know about the other two but if they are still around they would be worth a few quid. 

Norman Carhart - 7/10/11

Just remembered a gig in Yorkshire we set off to. We did a lot of big clubs all over that area and used to travel over Woodhead to get there - always passing this big pub called the Flouch Inn. We always wanted to call there for a drink but never seemed to have the time.

We set off once to do a gig at Wombwell Baths with our main opposition in those days, a Yorkshire band called Little Midge and the Zephers.

When we arrived we were met at the door by a guy who said he was from the Musician's Union and said we could not play because we were not members. We think that was fixed. So we set off to come home passing the Flouch on our way.

Somebody said "Lets call in here and have a drink". When we pulled in to the car park it was full and a couple of coaches as well. Wwhen we got in there it was full of females on some sort of night out so Eddie, being Eddie, gets talking to them. Next thing we carried our gear in and did the night there. After we played, they had a collection for us we finished up better off all round. What a great night that was! Oh those were the days - magic!

Norman Carhart - 10/10/11

I remember standing outside The Palatine Pub when i was 12 or 13 yrs old listening to the boys. It was brill and I looked forward to it every week. Little did I know that one day I would end up singing in a band with Norman and Terry. The 60s/70s were great.

Jimmy Dunn - 28/12/11

Anybody remember the youth club on Jones St in Hadfield. Thats where it all started for us - thats where we got together. Great memories of that place.Think the first thing we learned to play was Apache by The Shadows on our first electric guitars. We had two Futuramas, a Hofner bass and a cheap little Ajax drum kit. 

Norman Carhart - 20/5/12

Thats my daddy Harry Blood ... I'm famous lol xx

Gaynor Whittaker - 28/4/13





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