Tony Ravell's "New Voyage" and "Sound"

New Voyage line up included - June 1971 to Feb 73 

  • Tony Ravell - Bass
  • Jim Smith - Hammond Organ
  • Tony Macdonald - Drums
  • Bill ?  - Guitar/vocals
  • Jean Harris - vocals
  • Linda Rothwell - vocals 

Hi Everyone who remembers me "Tony Ravell". I am still around, but more than a bit older. Where does all the time go? I am allways wondering where all the musicians and friends I had in Manchester are these days. The five years I played at Tiffan'y are still the best of the 20 years I had as a professional in the business.

For anyone who is interested musically:

I have a Yamaha "Do Everything" keyboard that I play for fun. Its a great keyboard that I wish had been around in those days. It could have been Tony Ravell's New Voyage ( Big Band } as the musical intruments, of which, just about evey one is covered, are real sequenced sounds. Great.

I am putting these few words on the site just as a reminder to anyone who may like to add any coments of their own and maybe we can all remaniss a bit. I am trying to remember who my friend Sherry is. My appologies Sherry, but a lot of names have slipped my memory by now. But I DO remember everyone who were my friends at that time. Perhaps you can give me a hint !! 

Thinking of you all.



Tony Ravell's band was fantastic - they did a cover of Woodstock better than the original. The female singer did a cover of Carol King's "It's too late". What a fabulous voice. Also the blind keyboard member of the band, what pure talent he had.

Tony Ravell was a special friend that I lost touch with over the years but would love to hear from him. If anybody knows what the rest of the band did after Tiffanys I would be very interested.

Sherry - 7/12/11

I joined Tony Ravell's New Voyage in July 1973 as Bass player for the new line - the band was re forming and going to open a brand new Tiffanys club in Rotherham. It was exciting for me as it was my first professional job in the UK. Since 1968 I had been playing Bass in Europe where female musicians were popular and earned good money. I stayed with Tony's band for a year then came back to Manchester to join The Steve Davis band at Sale Tiffany.

I think Tony missed his old band in Manchester. To answer the previous writer,the girl who sang the Carole King songs in the Manchester Band was probably either Jenny Darren or Jean Barrow!

Carol Jason - 6/1/12

Hi Carol

Great to get some news from you. You didn't say "Hello". Perhaps you don't have fond memories of me? But I remember you very well.

You may remember I had been playing Bass for the eleven years previous. I liked your playing because you played much like myself. A good solid foundation. You said you thought I missed my band in Manchester. I must admit, I did have a hard time in Rotherham. I had just left a very successfull five years in Manchester and , on the strength of that, was offered the new venue in Rotherham.But, Things didn't go well there and I did prove to be a bit difficult. However, things did pick up after that ( Not as well as Manchester ) But I did stay with Mecca untill about the time they folded in early eighties.

What are you doing these days? As I said in my last note. I allways wonder what everyone is doing. It is 39 years, after all. WOW!!!! All the best to you Carol.

Tony - 8/2/12

Hi Tony, my goodness of course I have fond memories of you & the time I spent in your band in Rotherham! I was thrilled to be offered the job with was my first job in the UK! Thankyou for saying you enjoyed my bass playing. This was the line-up in Rotherham :- you on Keyboards, me on bass, Mike Hanson on guitar, Aubrey Wilson on drums and singers Jenny Darren, Terri Martin, Tracey Lane & Roy......? I still get excited when I hear songs on the radio that we used to play!

These days I have my own Function/Wedding band and I also play with GMP Big Band as well as the odd jazz gig! Keep playing your Yamaha Tony, and keep well!

Lots of love from Carol xx  - 21/2/12

When I worked at Tiffany's, Bill Pye was manager. Tony Ravell's New Voyage was the resident band. Tony played bass, a sunburst Fender precision. Clem Lee was drummer Shann and Sheen the singers Jim played Hammond organ can't remember the guitarist. But later the blind guitarist was Billy who could also play Elton John's Your Song on piano. Sheen left and Shann was with Jean Barrow (nee Harris).Shann left at the same time as Clem, who were married,to start a recording studio in Manchester. So in came Linda Rothwell to replace Shann. Jean married Herman Hermits, ex bassist Dave Barrow. Today Shann sings on a regular basis in Deal, Kent. Jean still sings in Manchester. Linda Rothwell moved out to the States and still sings too. 

David Swain - 21/2/12

Hello Tony

I was the singer with Terry Reaney's band who took over from David Ede at Blackpool Locarno. My name at the time was June Peters. Mike Taylor was the other singer. He was also with David Ede's band and, in fact, was with him in the boat that capsized and resulted in David's death. Mike was my boyfriend for about four years from 1970-1974.

I also knew Shann and Clem quite well as they also worked on the Mecca circuit at the same time.

June Burrows - 25/1/13

Hello June.
Nice to get your message. Hope you are well.
Maybe you didn't know ??

I opened the Blackpool Mecca as the Bass- Singer of the Ross Mitchell Band Mike became a good friend of mine during my stay there. It was while there that I left Ross to form my own Band. Mike was allways trying to get me to go sailing with him, but I didn't warm to the idea. I was never able to swim, so I admit, it scared me a bit. The last week I was in Blackpool he tried all the week to persuade me to go with him. The night before the day Dave went with him, he tried everything. You know ? Come on this is your last chance etc. But I refused. Dave went instead of me. Need I say more !!

What are you doing these days. Its been a very long time and I cant remember if I met you, but I do remember your name.
Ia m not in the music business any more of course, but I have a ( Do Everything) Keyboard that I play every day and write a few songs and such.

I do spend a lot of my "Thinking " time in the past. What great days they were.

I think this site is a great idea of Pauls. I wish more of the old aquaintances would find it and get in touch.
Best Wishes for now.

Tony 17/2/13

Tony Tony can I forget you this is Linda Rothwell who sang with you at the same time as Jean Barrow.Those where the days.Remember christmas and new years eve on stage...I dont know how you put up with Jean and I goofing off a lot :-)I am in touch with Jean, and a few others on Facebook It was really great to see this as Jean and I have messaged each other about where you were and what you where up to...or who ? haha you were such a ladies man :-) ..BIG FLIRT YOU haha ..

I am still doing some singing but I still am in the states.

Linda Rothwell - 29/3/13

Hi Mr Ravell, I''m connected to Teri Martin. Rreading your page I was interested in Mike Hanson the guitar player mentioned by Carol Jason. I was wondering if you or anyone knows what he is doing now or where he resides now. I would be very grateful for any info and wish you and your past band members well for the future.


Teresa - 5/5/13

Hi Teresa

Saw your message. I have no idea however where or what became of Mike Hanson.
We parted company in about 1974 when I moved from Rotherham to Dunstable. I didn't have any contact after that.
I am not sure if I know you, but time does fog the memory. Anyway, nice to get a message from you. Hope you are well.

Tony - 11/7/13

Hi Tony, Jean, Linda, Billy, Jim,

I have fond memories of the period - June 71 to Feb 73 that we were together, it was a great little band. I still have a copy of one of the BBC sessions we recorded at the Hulme Hippodrome for the Johnny Walker show! You may also remember us being chosen to play at the Carl Allen Awards at the Lyceum in London and having to stop part way through a number when HRH left!

Linda, good to see you are still singing, are you still with Abel in the States ? I know Jean and Dave are married but I've no idea about Jim or Billy. I stopped playing after Tiffs and got a proper job! I've been happily married for 37 yrs, have three children and two grandaughters . I retired from my HiFi business a year ago so I can spend time with them.

Tony, many thanks, I enjoyed working with you , we had good times. I must say one of the best things was sitting behind Jean & Linda in their Hotpants every night !!

Kind regards to you all,

Tony Macdonald - 13/10/13

Hi Tony. 

Great to read your message and a bit about your life since Tiffany's.

I never got married myself. Had so many choices in those days. I couldn't make up my mind Ha!Ha! What I would give to be back in those days. It WAS a great little band.. Sadly I didn't always appreciate how good. Just my stupid temperament in those days. Have mellowed a bit now. Now I'm just a miserable old sod!! Hope you are well. You seem happy enough. Would be nice to know what happened to everyone else, but it seems people find Pauls page a bit by accident. He does a great job for all the old Manchester muso's I wish a lot more would find it. 

Cheers to you and anyone else out there.

Tony Ravell - 23/10/13


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