Travellers (Rochdale)

Info courtesy Dave Fitton


  • Dougie Lawton - Lead
  • Dave Brierley - Rhythm
  • Ian Smith - Bass
  • Dave Fitton - Drums

Rochdale based band of four members, Dougie Lawton, Dave Brierley,Ian Smith and Dave Fitton, formed in 1961 (there were two earlier members). This foursome became the hottest sound around the Rochdale and area band scene.

They covered the Shadows music at the onset, moving onto Beatles songs plus anything else from the U.S.A. they could lay their hands on. 

By 1962 Dougie on lead, Dave B on rhythm, Ian on bass had become premier players, Dave F remained a solid rock drummer, nothing fancy, just driving.

They had a manager (Faz) a driver (Pete Betts)plus a roadie come stage act (Martin Barrass).

They travelled every place in a Bedford van.

Time moved on Faz, Martin and Pete were replaced with Curly Tebs and Phil Schofield, Phil had been hanging out with the band earlier because Faz was his cousin.

They moved up to a full size Commer van, loads of room, groupies the whole bit. 

The played played till the end of 1964, when they called it quits because of girlfriends, future jobs, not landing a contract, etc.

Dougie married Lena a swedish back-up singer for ABBA, and is still in the music business in Sweden, Dave B and Ian S are still in England both still jamming, Dave F moved to Canada, joined a german band but called it off after playing for sixteen years.

The band are hoping to have a reunion, maybe this year, they are going play the old stuff once more and hopefully do a gig for all their old and loyal fans (a freebie).


I went to that Traveller's gig ...they had blue suits and looked like the Young Rascals......lot of fun at that YC......there's a song on our forthcoming album Kiss of Life.....about a girl I went out with who went to St Peter's's called 'Oh Judith'

George Borowski - 26/3/10

The album mentioned above was reduced to four songs due to a lack of studio time.

They are all original songs, three were written by Dougie lawton, the melody on the fourth was also his. The lyrics written by yours truely. They have'nt as yet been posted on the internet but soon will be. Its also intended to put them on i tunes to give our fans a chance to have them. Dave Fitton is now back in Canada, Dougie is back in Wales doing a film score for Sweedish Television. Hope you enjoy the music.

Dave Brierley - 8/8/10

I remember gigging at the Liverpool Cavern with Rochdale group The Travellers. Our Bass Player had to cry off at the last minute so rather than go on stage a man short we recruted our Roady to stand in on bass, he could not play "just mimed" but he sang this song Tell Me What I Say!

I remember he changed a word in the song from red dress to red knickers. Bob Wooler picked up on this and afterwards gave us a real bollocking. Said "we'd never get another gig there". He was true to his word as we didn't.

I'm amazed any of the groups managed to sound in tune, as if like us they had to tune up on the fire escape with noise from the club full blast in the background it was almost impossible to to tune up!. Nice to see the name of the group engraved on the cavern walls outside though to this day, along with every group who appeared there in the 60s.

Dave Brierley - 10/1/13

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