Tuesday's Child

  • Dave Parry - Rhythm
  • Dave Livesey - Lead
  • Dave Hancock - Drums
  • Pat Garth - Vocals /Bass 

After 'Peppermint Ice' we joined up with an old mate Dave Livesey and a female vocalist, Pat Garth who had already made a name for herself locally as Tricia Sinclair, who was a little more versatile than Pam and gave us a little more scope with the type of music we could play. The name again changed and we became ‘Tuesdays Child'

After this most of the members started courting and got married and our partners as usual didn't enjoy the attention we were getting from the opposite sex and eventually everything ended never to be forgotten.

  • Dave Gee (from The Blue Days) was last heard of still doing session work.
  • Dave Parry was last heard of working at Kendals as Maintenance Manager.
  • Dave Livesey was last heard of working in Blackpool Hospital.
  • Ian (from The Blue Days) unfortunately died a number of years ago after a long illness.
  • Pam (from The Peppermint Ice) - see info below
  • Pat is currently living in the Isle of Wight and is still singing professionally. 
  • And lastly , yours truly, I am the proud owner of a Fish and Chip shop in Whitworth.
Dave Hancock

Hi, I'm Pam Ellidge that was and just wanted to update my singing career as your page for Tuesdays Child makes it look like I'm dead and buried!

After a brief spell of not doing very much, except my full time job, I entered a talent contest whilst on holiday in Tenerife, which I won, which in turn led me to record a demo tape at Pennine studios in Oldham, with a view to getting an agent!

This I did, Tony York was my agent and I did the club circuit for a few years, singing at Talk of the North was one of the better clubs, but I enjoyed all the gigs I was booked at!

I was also invited to be a session singer for Piccadilly Radio. I did quite a lot, not just as a solo, but duetted with Hamilton Browne.

I then got asked to auditions for a nine piece dance band named Satin Brass and was successful. I fronted the band with Laurie Ash.

I loved singing with the band and left a few years later to have a baby. After that I just used to dep for the girl who replaced me, when needed.

And now, alas, I sing whenever there's a karaoke, especially on holiday!

My singing did get more versatile, not just a Karen Carpenter soundalike!

Hope you don't mind me putting the record straight, and if you want any more in formation, I shall be only too pleased.

My regards go to Dave Hancock and Dave Parry, we had a great time and I remember only too well when we were support act for Hurricane Smith.

Kind regards

Pam Knox aka Pam Ellidge - 19/2/14





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