Twilight's Mood (Salford) 

Line-up included 

  • Chas Robinson - lead and rhythm guitar
  • Graham Smith - keyboards and lead vocals
  • Mo Bowker - drums
  • Alan Rushton - bass guitar
  • Frank Burch - bass guitar, replaced Alan
  • Mo Malin - drums, replaced Mo
  • Graham Power - lead vocals and guitar, replaced Graham 

Twilight's Mood and Paisley's Rainbow, were both Salford bands circa before and after 1967. Twilight's Mood eventually, due to the changing music scene in and around Manchestr and Salford, changed their name to accommodate the then move to a more cabaret, style of band.

The line up when I first joined the band was myself, Chas Robinson, (Lead and rhythm guitar) Graham Smith (Keyboards and lead vocals) Mo Bowker (Drums) and Alan Rushton ( bass guitar). Following the departure of Alan Rushton, Frank Burch replaced him on bass. Mo Bowker, drums, was the next to leave and replaced by Mo Malin. Graham Smith lead vocals and keybord left to be replaced by Graham Power on lead vocals and guitar. The band/s played in and around the Salford and Manchester area.

Chas Robinson - 27/10/16





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