Tynfoil (Wigan)


  • Bill Hart

Tynfoil played Disco Takis in the late 60s. We covered the Monkeys 'Last Train to Clarksville' and it went down a bomb. Since dabbled in M/c at many different places mainly at social clubs.

In 2004 I discovered that Tynfoil (miss-spelt Tynefoil) had a coveted 'Brick in the Wall of Fame' in Mathew St. "How did that get there - we never played?" As we all know, all the bricks represent bands who have played the Cavern Club.

I discovered that the bands names were taken from the written booking contracts of the day. I rang Bill Heckle. He said light-heartedly, "Get your band on quick or I'll take the brick out!!!" Typical scouse humour eh?

Something Catchy - my most recent band ( - played as Tynfoil with 3 original members at the Cavern on 27 Dec 2004; over 34 years late!

Bill Hart - 17/2/10





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