The Ugly Ducklings (Salford) 

Line-up included 

Pete Martin - lead

Mick Sutton - drums

John Oliver - rhythm

Phil Harrison - bass

Thanks to the tireless efforts of lead guitarist Pete Martin, the Ugly Ducklings got together again for a 45th reunion concert at the Servites Social Club in Salford (Kersal) on Friday, 09 April 2010. The proceeds went to CARITAS, a Catholic charity helping the poor and oppressed abroad.

Pete, now living in Rawtenstall, tracked down drummer Mike Sutton (only up the road at Preston Banks), bass player Phil Harrison in Crete and rhythm guitarist John Oliver in Canberra, Australia. He managed to get them all together at his place for lots of reminiscing and a couple of hours' rehearsal on the evening before the event.

Amazingly, it all went well despite a 45-year layoff. All the ex-Uglies have continued their musical careers in other bands, and the set lists were the same as last time the band performed (1965). Talk about Golden Oldies! 

John Oliver
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