Fifty Years On 

In late 1962 ‘The Vincents’ were first established. Their first ever ‘booking’ was at St. Matthews Youth Club, Stretford. During 1963 and early 1964 playing in the Stretford and Urmston areas and the immediate locality, ‘The Vincents’ were cutting their teeth on the music of the era and, of course, were part of the wave of young groups emerging at a time when artists such as Cliff and The Shadows and, more critically, The Beatles and the ‘Merseybeat’ sound were establishing themselves nationally.

In August of 1963 The Beatles were just beginning to ride high. The annual ‘Urmston Show’, held at Abbotsfieid Park, Chassen Road, Urmston, and organised by the (then) Urmston District Council, had a major coup in that they had booked The Beatles to appear just prior to their surge to stardom.

On Monday August 5th 1963 the Urmston Show hosted a rock and roll bonanza at the time, having The Beatles headline an event including Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, The Dennisons, Johnny Martin and The Tremors. This event has long since been established in the annals of rock and roll history and – more significantly – in the minds of Beatles fans all over the world, as an almost unique event in the history of The Beatles and their contribution to modern popular culture.

In August 2013 – Fifty Years on from this historic event – a commemorative concert is being organised, taking place at Abbotsfield Park and replicating the historic original event as far as is possible.

The 2013 event will be headlined by the ‘Bootleg Beatles’, will include ‘The Tremeloes’ and ‘Herman’s Hermits’ and will be hosted by the original presenter ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton. As the event promoters were researching for this event they became aware of ‘The Vincents’ and their re-establishment, with the original group members, some fifty years down the line! Such an opportunity, to include one of the original groups from the early 60’s and from the Urmston area to boot, was one they could not pass up on. Hence, and quite remarkably, ‘The Vincents’ will be performing and opening the 2013 event at Abbotsfield Park, on Saturday August 10th.

The story, therefore, CONTINUES . . . . . . . . . . .!



The occasion was amazing. For 12 months the preparations for the 5oth Anniversary of The Beatles in Urmston had been underway.

The logistics of putting on such an event are quite daunting but, undeterred, Peter Killick had battled against significant odds and had overcome all problems.

Since the ‘resurrection’ of ‘The Vincents’, some 12 months or so ago, we have played several gigs and have practised and rehearsed regularly. The previous gig at the Lakeside Club had given us such a positive response and audience reaction that we looked forward eagerly to opening the Beatles in Urmston event. Our set was carefully chosen to last 30 minutes and was tightly planned to engage the audience from the off. Numbers from the late ‘50s through to early ‘60s, in order to cameo the music of the era and the 50th anniversary we were celebrating. Music of the time and music that would have influenced The Beatles back in their early days.

At precisely 3pm on Saturday 10th August 2013 we took the stage. A wonderful experience! In the ‘60s we may well have played to large audiences, but to walk out to a crowd of some 3000+ sets the adrenalin rushing and the pulse racing.

We met with a great reception and the reaction to the set was fantastic.

Who would have ever thought, back in 1967, when we played together for the last time in that era, that the same bunch of lads that had been there at the outset in the early ‘60s would, once again, be working together in the 21st century and still be able to create great music and wow audiences.

Amazing – but it was happening!
We are now eagerly seeking more gigs and are keen to play as often as is possible. The renaissance is complete!
Anyone out there wanting a ‘60s Retro Rock ‘n’ Roll Band? Please get in touch.

Ps – Lots of videos of the event on You Tube. 

I remember as a young Beatles fan, growing up in Eccles. when the Beatles called into my gran's newsagent shop in the early morning. They were heading back to Liverpool I think. My gran's shop was on Liverpool Rd Patricroft, Eccles. My gran didn't recognise them.

In the shop was a regular customer buying his usual paper when two of the Beatles popped in for a couple of hundred fags. Apparently Ray McCann recognised them asked them for autographs. They did better than that.

One of them brought back autographed black and white photographs, he kept some and my gran gave me 3 or 4 when she next seen me. I was gutted as people say today! I think I was the only one in Eccles with a beatle suit. Thats life! Alas the photos have long since disappeared .

BAZB - 3/11/13



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