The Warriors (Accrington)

Line-up included

  • John Anderson - vocals
  • Toni Anderson - vocals

As your web site says The Warriors included brother's Tony and John Anderson. I know Tony Anderson was born Anthony Anderson in 1941 in Norfolk Street off Avenue Road, Accrington and John Anderson was born John Roy Anderson on October 25, 1944 in Norfolk Street off Avenue Road, Accrington. They also had an older brother Stuart Anderson born in 193? in Norfolk Street off Avenue Road, Accrington and a sister Joy Anderson. Their Scottish father Albert Anderson had a bike shop on a corner in Riston, Accrington, Lancashire.

Johnny Anderson attended St. John's Infants School in Baxenden, Accrington. 

Johnny Anderson's first band was Little John's Skiffle Group in which he played washboard. I don't know who else was in the band. He left school at 15 in 1959 and was a farm hand, a lorry driver and delivered milk for Walt Procter in the Early 1960's. 

As for The Warriors, according to my friend Bruno the band formed in the Late 1950's. Also found some extra info on the bands first line-up. 

In 195? The Warriors formed in Accrington, Lancashire, with Tony Alveston on lead vocals (b. Anthony Alveston, 1946?, Accrington, Lancashire, UK), John Hill on lead guitar (b. 1946?, Higher Antley Street, Accrington, Lancashire, UK), Dave 'Fossy' Foster on bass, backing vocals (b. David Foster, September 6, 1946, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK), Ian Alveston on rhythm guitar (b. 1946?, Accrington, Lancashire, UK) and Derek Thornhill on drums (b. 1946?, Accrington, Lancashire, UK). The band practised at the old Springhill Car Club, not far from Holy Family (Mt. Carmel) School and played local working men's clubs, but had to get permission to play as they were all still at school. Tony and Ian Alveson had been to St Mary's School on Moscow Mill Street, Oswaldtwistle from age five and then went to Holy Family until they were sixteen. 

In 1959 or 1960 the band became a six-piece when they were joined by Tony Anderson on lead vocals, harp (b. Anthony Anderson, 1941, Norfolk Street off Avenue Road, Peel Park, Accrington, Lancashire, UK). But I think he joined later in 1962 when the Alveson brother's and Hill left. 

In 1960 the band played at The Imperial Ballroom in Carr Road, Nelson, Lancashire. 

In 1962 The Alveson brother's and John Hill left The Warriors after the Alveson's father and Foster's and Thornhill's father fell out. Then Tony & Ian Alveson and John Hill formed a group called Tony and the Tea Leaves. I think it was at this time that Tony Anderson joined the band. 

So the next line-up of The Warriors was Tony Anderson on lead vocals, harp, Foster on bass, vocals, Mike Brereton on lead guitar (b. Michael Brereton, 1944, Hornby Street, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, UK), Rod Hill on rhythm guitar, piano, harp, banjo (b. Rodney Hill, 1946, Accrington, Lancashire, UK) and Thornhill on drums. Brereton at also been to St Mary's School. 

In 1962 the band became a six-piece when the band was joined by Tony Anderson's younger brother 18 year-old Johnny Anderson (b. John Roy Anderson, Wednesday, October 25, 1944, Norfolk Street off Avenue Road, Peel Park, Accrington, Lancashire, UK). He had played washboard in Little John's Skiffle Group, while at at St John's Infant School in Baxenden, Accrington. 

The Warriors used to practise at Christ Church School in Accrington. 

On Tuesday, March 19, 1963 Johnny Anderson went for a lunchtime session to the famous Cavern Club at 10 Matthew Street, Liverpool, Lancashire and saw The Big Three. He was smitten and knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. 

In ca. November 1963 the band played at an unknown venue in London at a national competition sponsored by The New Musical Express magazine and where they reached the finals and won a recording contract with Decca Records. In ca. December 1963 at the Southern Sporting Club in Gorton, Manchester, Decca's A & R man Dick Rowe (b. Richard Paul Rowe, Thursday, June 9, 1921 d. Friday June 6, 1986) saw the band perform.

In February? 1964 Thornhill played his last gig with the group at The Bury Palais in Bury, Lancashire. The bands future drummer 17-year old Ian Wallace (b. Ian Russell Wallace, Sunday, September 29, 1946, 107 Manchester Road, Bury, Lancashire, UK d. Thursday, February 22, 2007, Los Angeles, California, USA) was in the audience that night and was invited the next day to join the band. 

Wallace had formed his first group The Jaguars, while still at Bury Grammar School, with some school friends. The Jaguars were a four-piece beat group formed in 1963 by Wallace on drums, lead vocals and John Hemingway on rhythm guitar, plus Steve Costello on lead guitar and Derek Holt on bass. The band was quite successful locally and played at The Bury Palais, Bury, Lancashire. 

Wallace quit his job as a clerk in the NHS to join The Warriors and became a full time musician. He joined the band just after they had been signed by Decca Records.

On Wednesday, February 26 - Thursday, February 27, 1964 The Warriors recorded a single ''You Come Along'' (Mason, Reed) / ''Don't Make Me Blue'' (Dave Foster) for Decca. Mike Leander (b. Michael George Farr, Monday, June 30, 1941, Walthamstow, East London, UK d. Thursday, April 18, 1996, London, UK) played piano and did the arrangements. The single was produced by Ivor Raymond.

They also played at The Manchester Cathedral in Manchester. 

In June 1964 The Warriors released their only single on the Decca Label, ''You Come Along'' / ''Don't Make Me Blue.'' 

Sometime in 1964 the band appeared in a film singing the B-Side of their single called ''Don't Make Me Blue.'' It was featured on Spanish TV. Tony Anderson sang lead and Johnny Anderson was on backing vocals, with Dave Foster on bass, Mike Brereton on lead guitar, Rod Hill on rhythm guitar and Ian Wallace on drums. 

In December 1964 the band played at Antley Church in Accrington, Lancashire and The Nevada Dance Hall in Bolton, Lancashire. 

In March 1965, they played with The Clayton Squares & in May 1965 they played with The Feelgoods & The Measles, both at the famous Cavern Club at 10 Matthew Street in Liverpool, Lancashire.

In September? 1965 the band played at The Beachcomber Club in Bolton, Lancashire. 

In November 1965 The Warriors were joined by 17 year-old organist Brian Chatton (b. Brian Charles Chatton, Monday, July 19, 1948, Bolton, Lancashire, UK). He had been in The Three Jets, which he had formed in ca. 1961, with lead guitarist Barry Reynolds. This band lasted until 1965. 

In January 1966 the band played at The Civic Hall in Worsley, Salford, Lancashire, The Blackburn Palais in Blackburn, Lancashire, The Beachcomber Club in Leigh, Lancashire and The Bolton Palais in Bolton, Lancashire. 

In February 1966 the band played at The Bamboo Club in Manchester, The Fire Station in Rochdale, Lancashire, The Jigsaw Club in Manchester and The Bolton Casino in Bolton, Lancashire. In February & March 1966 they played one gig at The Beachcomber Club in Leigh, Lancashire. 

In May 1966 the group played at The Bolton Palais in Bolton, Lancashire. 

In June 1966 they went to Germany and played at The Storyville Club in Cologne, Germany. In Summer 1966 they played at The Top Ten Club in Hamburg, Germany. 

In Summer 1966 The Warriors played at The Bolton Palais in Bolton, Lancashire, The Beachcomber Club in Leigh, Lancashire, The Wythenshawe Sporting Club in Wythenshawe, Manchester and The Longsight Club in Longsight, Manchester. 

In August 1966 The Warriors played at the famous Tiles Club at 79 - 89 Oxford Street, Soho, West London, UK, with Felder's Orioles.
In December 1966 the band went back to play one gig at The Storyville Club in Frankfurt, Germany. In January & February 1967 they played at The Storyville Club in Cologne, Germany. They then spent nearly one month playing at The Carousel Club in Copenhagen, Denmark. From March to April 1967 & April 1967 the band was back to The Storyville Club in Cologne, Germany. In Late April 1967 they played at P. N. Hit House in Munich, Germany. 

Johnny Anderson played his last gig in August 1967 at The Storyville Club in Frankfurt, Germany after which he left the band. He then gigged with a couple of bands called The Gentle Party and Les Cruches. He then released a couple of singles on Parlophone as Hans Anderson, ''Never My Love'' / ''All Of The Time'' on Friday, March 15, 1968 on R 5676 & ''(The Autobiography of) Mississippi Hobo'' / ''Sonata Of Love'' on Friday, May 24, 1968 on R 5698. In 1968 he joined the band Gun, and then Mabel Greer's Toyshop and later in 1968 formed Yes. He dropped the h from his first name in 1970.

In October 1967 The Warriors became the house band at The La Chasse Club in Wardour Street, Soho West London for a few months. 

After The Warriors split in Early? 1968 Wallace and Foster joined The Big Sound, replacing this bands drummer and bassist respectively. Then Wallace, Foster and Rod Hill formed a band called Sleepy. 

In November 1968 Wallace played one gig with John Anderson's new band Yes, replacing their drummer Bill Bruford (b. William Scott Bruford, Tuesday, May 17, 1949, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK), while he was on his hiatus from the group or he was sick. Then Wallace was in the last line-up of The Bonzo Dog Band and after that joined Neil Innes' The World, with Dennis Cowan, who had both been in The Bonzo Dog Band with him. Later Wallace was a member of King Crimson (Jan 1971 - Apr 1972).

In 1970 Foster and Hill formed Accrington Stanley with Foster on lead vocals, bass, Dave 'Wammy' Walmsley on guitar, vocals (b. David Walmsley, Monday, August 7, 1944, Accrington, Lancashire, UK), Hill on guitar and Jim Payne on drums (Ludwig) (b. James Payne). 

Dave Walmsley had been in Wami with another ex-Warrior Tony Anderson. Before that he had been in The Movers Beat Group. 

Wami was formed in 1967 with Tony Anderson on lead vocals, Walmsley on lead guitar, vocals, Phil Cockett on bass, Ray Walmsley on second guitar, and Alan Percival on drums (Sonor). 

Anderson and Walmsley were later in Spanish band Los Bravos and then Los Zebra.

As for Payne, had been in a number of bands, like Accrington group The Cyclones. This bands original line-up was Paul Curtis on lead vocals, Ian Spencer on lead guitar, Mick Stirzaker on bass (b. Michael Stirzaker) and Stephen Farnsworth on drums. The groups next lead vocalist was Ray Parsons and their next drummer was Alan Bradshaw. Later Graham Lowe joined on lead guitar and Spencer became the rhythm guitarist. Payne was their third drummer. In around 1960 They played at The Mercer Hall in Great Harwood, Lancashire, booked by Lennie Herbert. 

Payne later played in The Scorchers (Red Hot Ray and the Scorchers), with Raymond Parsons on lead vocals, Dave Robinson on bass (b. David Robinson), Ian Smith on rhythm guitar and Trevor 'Trev' Gardner on lead guitar and Payne on drums (Ludwig). The bands manager / roadie was Dave 'Arty' Ayrton. A later member of this band was lead guitarist Graham Lowe (ex-The Cyclones). 

The band practised above their manager Ayrton's parent's greengrocers in Blackburn Road, Clayton, Lancashire. 

This band played a Teenage Dance in April 1964 at Oswaldtwistle Town Hall in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, with Jay Turner and the Knights and Ray Peters and the Classics. The Scorchers won a schools group competition in Penwortham, Lancashire, which was judged by The Cavern's owner and The Beatles first manager Bob Wooler. The prize was to play at The Cavern, which they played in April 1964. In June 1965 the band supported The Kinks at The Astoria in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, as did The Deltas. 

This band later became Gideon's Ways with a new lead vocalist Derek Rimington. The band played in August 1965 at The Astoria in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, where they supported The Walker Brothers, as did The Avalons. In September 1965 the group played at The Catholic Youth Club in Accrington and at The Majestic Ballroom in Cannon Street, Accrington where they supported Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. In October 1965 they played at The Accrington Conservative Club in Cannon Street, Accrington. They played The Majestic Ballroom again in May 1966, supporting Ugly Ray Terrett, as did The Soundcasters. In February 1967 they played at The Accrington Conservative Club again. They also supported Mike Hurst with the Trekkers in April 1967 at The Stokes Hall Students' Union Dance in Church Road, Leyland, Lancashire.

Payne was later in short lived five-piece Burnley, Lancashire band The Kudos, that used to be called The Reflections Rhythm Group and included Dave Hirst? on lead vocals (b. David Hirst) and Dave Almond on lead guitar (b. David Almond). He was then in another Burnley group The Atlantics with John Thomas on lead guitar, Pete Sowrey on organ (b. Peter Sowrey), Colin Edmondson on lead vocals, Andy Russell on bass (b. Andrew Russell) and Payne on drums. In November 1969 they supported Chicken Shack at Manchester University in Manchester. 

John H. Warburg - 23/3/14


UK 45's 

June 1964 You Come Along/Don't Make Me Blue Decca F 11962 

Some Warriors concerts:

1960: The Imperial Ballroom, Carr Road, Nelson, Lancashire, UK

1964: The Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, UK

December 1964: The Antley Church, Accrington, Lancashire, UK 

Thursday, December 31, 1964: The Nevada Dance Hall, Bolton, Lancashire, UK 

February? 1964: The Bury Palais, Bury, Lancashire, UK, Derek Thornhill's last gig 

Tuesday, March 16, 1965: The Cavern Club, 10 Matthew Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK, with The Clayton Squares 

Friday, May 28, 1965: The Cavern Club, 10 Matthew Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK, with The Feelgoods, The Measles 

In September? 1965: The Beachcomber Club in Bolton, Lancashire. 

Thursday, January 6, 1966: The Civic Hall, Worsley, Salford, Lancashire, UK

Monday, January 17, 1966: The Blackburn Palais, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Wednesday, January 26, 1966: The Beachcomber Club, Leigh, Lancashire, UK 

Thursday, January 27, 1966: The Bolton Palais, Bolton, Lancashire, UK 

Tuesday, February 1, 1966: The Bamboo Club, Manchester, Lancashire, UK 

Saturday, February 5, 1966: The Fire Station, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK 

Sunday, February 13, 1966: The Jigsaw Club, Manchester, Lancashire, UK 

Thursday, February 17, 1966: The Bolton Casino, Bolton, Lancashire, UK 

Saturday, February 26, 1966: The Beachcomber Club, Leigh, Lancashire, UK 

Tuesday, March 1, 1966: The Beachcomber Club, Leigh, Lancashire, UK

On Monday, May 16, 1966: The Bolton Palais, Bolton, Lancashire, UK 

Monday, June 27, 1966: Storyville Club in Cologne, Germany

Summer 1966: The Top Ten Club, Hamburg, Germany

Summer 1966: The Bolton Palais, Bolton, Lancashire, UK 

Summer 1966: The Beachcomber Club, Leigh, Lancashire, UK 

Summer 1966: Wythenshawe Sporting Club, Wythenshawe, Manchester, Lancashire, UK 

Summer 1966: The Longsight Club, Longsight, Manchester, Lancashire, UK

Sunday, August 21, 1966: Tiles Club, 79 - 89 Oxford Street, Soho, West London, UK, with Felder's Orioles

Thursday, October 13, 1966: The Cavern Club, 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK, with Look Twice
December 1966: The Storyville Club, Frankfurt, Germany 

January - February 1967: The Storyville Club, Cologne, Germany

ca. February - ca. March 1967: The Carousel Club, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Tuesday, March 1, - ca. Friday, April 1, 1967: The Storyville Club, Cologne, Germany

Friday, April 22 to ca. Thursday, April 28, 1967: The Storyville Club, Cologne, Germany 

Friday, April 29, 1967: P. N. Hit House, Munich, Germany 

August 1967: The Storyville Club in Frankfurt, Germany, Johnny Anderson's last gig 

October 1967: The La Chasse Club, Wardour Street, Soho West London, UK, for a few months 

Some Scorchers (Red Hot Ray and the Scorchers) concerts: 

Friday, April 17, 1964: Oswaldtwistle Town Hall, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, UK, with Jay Turner and the Knights, Ray Peters and the Classics. 

Saturday, April 18, 1964: The Cavern, 10 Matthew Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK 

Friday, March 26, 1965: St Augustines, Huncort, Lancashire, UK

Saturday June 5, 1965: The Astoria, Rawtenstall, Lancashire, UK, supported The Kinks, as did The Deltas 

Some Gideon's Ways concerts: 

Saturday, August 7, 1965: The Astoria in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, UK, supported The Walker Brothers, as did The Avalons 

Thursday, September 23, 1965: The Catholic Youth Club, Accrington, Lancashire, UK 

Monday, September 27, 1965: The Majestic Ballroom, Cannon Street, Accrington, Lancashire, UK, supported Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich 

Monday, October 25, 1965: The Accrington Conservative Club, Cannon Street, Accrington, Lancashire, UK, first gig at this club 

Friday, May 27, 1966: The Majestic Ballroom, Cannon Street, Accrington, Lancashire, UK, supported Ugly Ray Terrett, as did The Soundcasters 

Saturday, February 18, 1967: The Accrington Conservative Club, Cannon Street, Accrington, Lancashire, UK, last gig at this club 

Friday, April 24, 1967: The Stokes Hall Students' Union Dance, Church Road, Leyland, Lancashire, UK, supported Mike Hurst with the Trekkers

Some Atlantics concerts: 

Saturday, November 8, 1969: Manchester University, Manchester, Lancashire, UK, supported Chicken Shack 

Tony and the Tea Leaves were formed by brothers Tony and Ian Alveson with John Hill, who had all been in the original line-up of The Warriors in the late 1950's. After a falling out they left the band in 1962 and started this one. I don't know who else was in this band or if they released any singles. They did perform on a Saturday night at Spring Hill, Accrington, but did not last long after that.

John H. Warburg - 23/3/14





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